FulGaz Tour of Europe

I was slightly disappointed I missed this. I would never have been anywhere near winning, but it sounded like fun. I’m sure others will say it was better to do Trainerroad sessions, but this might have made a nice change.

Has anyone taken part?

Hopefully they will do some more.

I wasn’t aware of it - I have fulgaz on Apple TV so it could’ve been nice to be notified

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I got an email, but somehow missed it.

I have just had my first Fulgaz experience. I may be dropping Zwift for Fulgaz now. The experience was more realistic and harder than Zwift. Also more engaging on actual roads. I would like to try a race and a group ride to see how that fares.

Support mentioned they have more events planned. I think I will pay up for FulGaz over Zwift.

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