FulGaz tips from people who use it regularly?

I’ve been interested in trying out some new training entertainment apps, so I gave FulGaz a go and rode the Phil’s Cookie Fondo route and I have to say I was pretty impressed. I know those roads very well and have ridden them many times before, so it was surprisingly good.

That being said, there were plenty of moments where the resistance increased really quickly or the film seemed to slow down at a moment that was unexpected.

Anyone with experience have any good tips for tuning the settings to make it feel right?

They say they go for “realism” but honestly the gradients felt harder in FulGaz than they do in real life so I’m trying to get a better sense of what to tweak.

I use Fulgaz a lot with Trainerroad and when I fancy just doing a ride indoors when the rather is bad. I use a Wattbike Atom. I use an AppleTV and it does seem better to download the rides if you can.

The recommendation for the Atom is 75% uphills and 25% downhill. I did Amy’s Gran Fondo on Saturday and during the 20% I had to change it on the fly to 50% uphill. I then changed it back. All in all I think Fulgaz is really good. I have recorded some rides for them.

I am planning a 500km week and using Fulgaz for the challenge.


I use Fulgaz a lot and there are a great variety of rides. Around 900 to choose from.
I dont reall see any issues with gradient or problem rides. My settings are 50% uphill and 20% downhill.

Download all rides in advance bar a short warmup ride.

Highly recommended.

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Makes sense, I had the downhills at 50% and was spinning out. I think part of the issue is the Neo Bike changes resistance really quickly.

Did a ride with my neo bike at 100% uphill and 50% downhill. Have to say though I mainly do climbs and not very much downhill.

I really enjoy Fulgaz as an alternative to Z as and thought about submitting a few of my own videos down the line.

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My frustration with Zwift definitely pushed me to find some new apps to rotate in.


My sub ends in June and wont be renewing as I am pretty much done everything I wanted to do (all badges, group rides, etc).

I am starting to like the outdoor film simulation for climbing on a day or two when I am not doing a TR TN workout.