Fuelling - Calories?

Firstly I’m sure this has been asked before… I just can’t find what I’m looking for.
I’m trying to work on my nutrition this year as I’m doing the 200 mile Chase The Sun Ride in the UK during June.

I weigh 80kg, although I’m hoping to bring that down to 75kg by June.

Based on the common 1g of Carb per KG… I’m aiming for 80g of Carbs per hour… I’ll try for more… but the goal is to not go below.

The question I have, is how many calories do I need? My fuel of choice are Torq Fuel for drink, and Beta Fuel Gels,… eating/drinking one of each of those will hit my carb level… but does 300-400 calories per hour seem enough? If it is, then happy days, if not, how do I top this up?

Carbs KJ kcal
Torq Fuel 3 Scoops 45 775 182
SIS Beta Fuel Gel 1 x 60g 46 317 190

Calories are irrelevant if you’re fueling for performance. The reason sports nutrition is mostly just forms of sugar, is because it’s gets to where you need it fast and its quite ok for the gut. Anything other then carbs has a bigger change to upset the gut and just takes longer to digest. But depending of the ride, that might or might not be a problem.

I like to take a stroopwafel on my longer endurance rides. About 25G of carbs but also quite a bit of fat. No problem for those rides, but if the intensity goes up, that might become a problem. Not to mention its a bit hard to chew when you’re riding sweetspot or above.

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ah brilliant, thank you. In that case… I’ll just use my normal drink and gels.


About 90 to 100 grams of carbs per hour is the max the average joe ridder is going to be able to take in. Basically, it is impossible to replenish your calorie burn when you go over about AP 180 watts. The whole goal is to minimize that deficit for as long as possible.

The more “other stuff” (fat, fiber, protein) you add to those calories the harder they are to digest and the worse things will get in hour 5. for 6 to 7 hour event I am straight liquid and gels for calories.

Agree with the other comments.

Unless it’s over like 10hrs then I’ll stick to all carbs. And I don’t look at calories for things that I eat, just the carb content.

I shoot for a min of 80, but if I know it’s going to be a long/hard day then I can go up to or above 120g/hr without much gut issue. I usually don’t hit that but if I fall short and hit 100 then I’ll be okay.

Also, for easier days I mix in other things like nutrigrain or Chewy bars just cause they’re cheaper and mix up the flavor and texture. But for interval days or races I stick with just drink mix and gels.

Cheers Guys - I’ve got a 100 milers planned for this week and I’m going for the gel/drink option and see how I get on

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Looks like we’re about the same weight. I have had success with 2 scoops tailwind in a bottle per hour (50g carbs) + one gel per hour (25g carbs). This puts you at about 75g carbs per hour.

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At 205 miles, almost certainly going to be over 10 hours.

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Are you going to be supported, or unsupported?

It’s unsupported but not remote so we can stop.

In which case I wouldn’t rely on getting all your calories from your bottles. You might want to plan to stop every 2-3 hours and get some take away such as Chinese or pizza or whatever your preference. I find that I can only tolerate liquid calories about 10 hours before I need some solids, you may differ. It also serves as a break to get off bike and stretch and something to look forward to when it’s been raining the past 3 hours.

A spork is a useful addition on the bike for such riding. On the bike carry a mix of savoury and sweet stuff you like and can eat when riding. Your preferences will change over the duration. Don’t get stuck with lots of an item you can no longer tolerate

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