Fuelling, bodyweight. Etc

I know there’s a few topics on these things which I have honestly looked through :laughing:

At the minute I’m trying to drop to a a steady 69-70kg using MacroFactor after using myfitnesspal for a while when competing in powerlifting. I was 90kg at one point but at 169cm I know I can get away with being lighter and leaner. I think my BF is about 13%.

Although it’s individual - what is a general calorific aim? I am taking on between 2500-2800 calories a day. I do 2x 30-45min strength sessions a week, and 3-4 bike workouts. 3 are on the turbo and 4th is outside generally. I don’t really take any fuel on for a 1hr workout (CX low volume plan) and for 1:30 onwards I’ll have some fuel. I have a good diet off the bike. As long as I keep completing my workouts is this ok? Longer rides I have a lucozade sport in my bottle and maybe 1-2 gels over a 2-3hr ride. 3hrs onwards I’ll maybe have some haribo, or stop for a coffee/cake.

I don’t want to ‘kill’ my metabolism by trying to diet too much and lose workout energy. At the minute, workouts have been fine I think, but wonder if they could be better…?

I have a great appetite and could easily put away 5k calories like I was used to when lifting weights full time so I wonder if my body is just getting used to different stimuli and calorie needs. No point in eating for the sake of it eh. Although most of the time I aren’t exactly hungry, I could just eat so maybe it’s me being greedy.

I’m not that experienced so maybe at the minute, I can’t get it too wrong. Until i reach a plateau and need to get more in depth?

Thanks anyway!

How much do you currently weigh? You used to be close to 200lbs at 5’6” and you want to get down to around 150lbs? General rule of thumb I follow for my BMR is around 14 cals per pound to start. So if you were around 170lbs now I’d start with a baseline of around 2400 cals per day. Track that for a few weeks and see if the scale goes up or down. The amount of volume you’re doing is pretty low. I’d look at how many kcals you’re expending on all of your bike session the week and track that too.

Im 70.2kg this morning. So not much to lose, after that i guess itd be a pretty slow process given ive dropped a fair few KG in the past year - water weight or otherwise.

I think im struggling with despite eating healthy and lots of veg/protein, i think i want to eat more. And can eat more lol! So maybe just getting used to my new-ish style of training and lower necessity for calories at the minute.

Yeah i dont do loads of bike volume i guess compared to some people. Just following a TR plan and building it up as well as being able to maintain “some” gym work. Going from 4-5 lifting sessions a week, to 2 x30 min ones.

Adding in some commuting will help my kcal expenditure as long as I’m careful to not replace it all. Will have to see how i can ad even more bike work in - 2hrs on the smart trainer has been my maximum and its not that exciting, id rather be outside for sure. 1.5hrs and below is good though. I also dont just want to add miles/hours in to flog myself and increase unecessary fatigue.

Ill try and extend my outside ride to around 3-4Hrs, fuel a bit more and see how i get on there.

Ok, sounds like you are only around 5 lbs from your goal weight. I would probably try maximizing my on bike nutrition and build my capacity as high as possible. What is your ftp now? I’d focus on increasing performance and the weight will come

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Since you are essentially at your goal weight, I’d forget about any kind of deficit. I would fuel up both your daily 2400 calories or whatever you choose, plus whatever you burn on the bike. You are in the “offseason” essentially so now is the time to get the weight right, and you have, but you still have some time for trial and error. And as you get closer to your training season, some increased volume can help with that final 5 lbs. You won’t want to be dieting when you are planning for your A race(s) so best to be at the goal weight earlier. Being hungry all the time is challenge. Riding bikes will make you hungry. Lots of protein and fiber will help with satiety. Don’t be afraid of carbs since you need them for fuel, but high-fiber carbs will keep the caloric density down.

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ftp IS only 253, lots of room to spare i know

Another question - if you track your calories (I do) do you track your on the bike fuel too?

And do you eat back what you’ve burnt?

My MacroFactor app will adjust my calories if I lose weight too quick/slow so I don’t think it matters if I do track my on the bike fuel into my calories as if it is not enough then it will then give me more calories, to eat off the bike.