Serious lifters: How do you fuel your workouts?

At the risk of aiming for false precision, I would like to have some objective way to fuel my lifting sessions. Lifting seems to be a highly glycolytic activity, I would like to improve my recovery from those sessions, I think the programming and rest/sleep parts are covered, but looking for advice in the nutrition part.

Thanks in advance!

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A scoop of pre workout 30-45 minutes before (I like pre Jym) and a banana. I like the beta alanine bugs haha. A fruit after the gym sesh too and protein throughout the day.

I normally eat a meal a few hours before gym work, so I don’t eat any more before I go. I do eat a peanut butter banana sandwich or some cereal/ granola with a scoop of protein powder and milk, right after.
I noticed if I don’t eat after I lift I’m either super hungry later in the day or the next day.
That’s what works for me, fwiw.

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As you get supplement suggestions, check them against this resource:

They provide good documentation on protocols if you choose to use any, too.


I lifted 9 to 11 times a week for many years. Never was ‘fuelling during a workout’ a top 10 concern. Sometimes it happened coincidentally but never as a concern that it would impact the quality of a workout.

Now, maybe for a strongman workout. We would do sled drags, farmers carries, rock carries as prep work sometimes…but, even then, no need to take down any calories during the workout. I spent a lot of time training for the Inman Mile…never once needed fuelling during a workout. Just not an issue.


Strength training doesn’t require fueling. Some protein before a session is sufficient. No need for carbs before , during or after strength training. Strength training is not highly glycolictic. If you want to ensure adaptations (build muscle), you need to meet minimum daily protein requirements. That’s all.

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A half dozen raw eggs ought to do it. Bottoms up.

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Isotonic/sugary drink. I used to have a lucozade. For long powerlifting sessions I had a pop tart too and always some caffeine pre workout.

Karbomax is a decent supplement but yeh just use cheaper lucozade.

So about 5-6 cal x minute.

Good reference for Leucine intake

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