FTP test percentages

Why are both 8 and 20 min test power targets lower than the current FTP? Say for the 8 min test the target is set to 110%, take 90% of that gets you 99% of your current set FTP. Same for the 20 min test set at 102%, take 95% gives 96.9%.

Instead the 8 min test should be set to 111.11…% and the 20 min test to 105.26…%

Note that this has nothing to do with whether or not your FTP can be calculated from a percentage of an X minute test, I’m talking pure math. You actually have to increase the workout intensity when doing the tests if you want to end up with the same FTP as your current one.

Don’t do them in ERG mode. Just use them as a timer.

I’m not doing them in erg mode but I need a line that tells me above this you’re good, below you’re bad…

It’s not ‘good/bad’ it’s ‘go as hard as your can’. The line doesn’t matter, just go hard.

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Yeah ok in an ideal world that’s how it is. But sometimes you need a carrot in front to go as hard as you can. Still your answer just ignores a valid question. Is it a bug or is there a reason for those set values.