FTP test for a friend

How would I set the FTP test up in my account for my Nephew. He has never tested before and I want to get him on TR and test him, but I dont want my current FTP number to affect the test for him. Does it matter, or does the ramp test assume nothing at the start of each new test so each one starts fresh? I hope that makes sense.

It does start at a percentage of your current FTP. I would “guesstimate” your nephew’s FTP, adjust your FTP to your “guesstimate” of his, add the test to your calendar, have him take the test, reject the new FTP suggestion from the test, delete his ramp test, and adjust your FTP back.

I think that should work.


… Or set him up on his own account using one of your free month codes, with the added bonus of not possibly messing up your history :+1: