FTP Test Aero Position

I am fairly new to TrainerRoad, and am really enjoying experience so far. Thanks for all the hard work you all put in to producing a great product!

I consider myself a novice endurance athlete. I have done a few half marathons, olympic triathlons, and most recently completed my first full marathon. When things get back to normal, I would like to complete a Half Ironman. I have been pretty inconsistent, the past 5 years due to life and work events, but now I am looking to get serious and do some structured training. I started the Half Distance Base program in May, but aggravated a dormant injury and it has become too painful to run. I will be seeing my doctor soon and plan to take as much time off as necessary from running for it to completely heal.

In the meantime, I plan to start on the Sweet Spot Mid Volume. I will have to do another FTP test, which brings me to my question. I have found conflicting information about which position to do the test in (Aero or Upright). In the past tests I have done, I start in the aero position. As the intensity increases, I will take breaks and ride on the bullhorns for portions of the interval. Am I cheating my test by doing this? What is your recommendation for position during the test?

I personally try to stay on aero to at least FTP (during ramp).

Once I get pass that then i may last another minute or 2 on aero

But at the end, I am almost out of the aero position. Its possible to stay (i have done it) but it get hard by the last minute or 2,

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Since your Half IM race efforts will be well below threshold, I think you can be a bit more lax about holding position during training at or above threshold, unlike someone who specializes in TTs under an hour.