Drop ftp after high ramp test?

Having upgraded to a Wahoo kickr core and completed a ramp test I went from 280-285 after sus power build and new trainer.

Last week I did Avalanch Spire+1 and it absolutely destroyed my legs. I completed it but had to drop intensity a couple of %. I am planning to redo ssb1 &2 before another build and wonder if i should drop ftp to 275 or So?
On my old tacx turbo if you dropped off cadence the power would drop and give you a break. On the Wahoo if you drop off cadence the power increases much quicker to match slower pedalling and you don’t get the temporary relief. I think that is where I am struggling.

Sorry for yet another question but advice is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

How much did you actually drop the Intensity in Avalanche?

Your comments lead me to believe that your are possibly suffering more form the chang to ERG than the actual FTP change. Ultimately it’s a combo, but adjusting to the use of ERG can be tough at first.

As you noted, you can’t slack or try to take mini breaks like a standard trainer. Doing so only rewards you with a lower cadence (that works the muscles harder) or the need to overpower ERG to get back to a faster cadence.

Its precisely how ERG is meant to work, and the reason many people find it more challenging and rewarding.

ERG Tips.

  1. Play with gearing and flywheel inertial. Some like it spinning fast in a high gear. Other like it slow in a low gear. Experiment and pick what feels best for you. (This is a massive topic in it’s own right, but save that for the dedicated thread).

  2. If and when you need to take a break in ERG, the proper method is a backpedal. Simply reverse pedaling direction for 5-10 seconds minimum. It eliminates the load on the legs, and also resets the trainer resistance. Restart pedalling with a forceful and quick cadence.

You can obviously drop FTP a bit too, but I think most of your issue is adapting to the new requirements of ERG. Give it some time.


Thanks for taking the time with that reply. It makes a lot of sense. I dropped intensity by 2% And it just took the edge off the workout. I know I was feeling fairly fatigued but it just felt brutal for a workout that has previously been well within my capabilities… I’ll take your advice though and try the backpedalling and maybe try the kickr in big ring :slight_smile: thanks again

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Over/unders are tough! This is one workout on a new trainer with a new FTP, I don’t think you should be thinking about dropping your FTP yet.

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So I was reading this briefly and wonder if you had a Tacx Vortex. As per the thread linked - my experience of ERG mode on this trainer was disappointing.

Moving from a Vortex to a Neo there is now no hiding place - and power based on cadence is extremely accurate.

So hang in there and good luck.

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Again thanks for replies,

Rich it was a Tacx t2240 flow smart. So yeah it was actually erg but as you suggest as soon as you drop cadence during intervals it would also drop the wattage and there is a completely different feel on the Wahoo. I have another over under tonight so hopefully I’ll fare better. I’ll hold off dropping ftp just yet :ok_hand: