Trainerroad Ramp Test Fail (settings)


I’ve started riding last fall (prior to that I did 100-150km/season)… I’ve accumulated 4.5k km, almost exclusively solo up until last month. I can average 30km/h on a flat for an hour, with few trafic lights and a 500m pedestrian zone in between (only using Strava). For 100km, I can do 27km/h (with few serious hills in between), for 200km I can do 25km/h (few months old data).

I will start SS Base Medium Plan 1 next week, but wanted to get pre-ram test done today, just because I wanted to get an estimate for the tuesdays ‘serious’ ramp test.

I’m using Virtual Power with Tacx Blue Matic and a cheap speed sensor. I set the resistance to LVL5.

I set the FTP to 195, and started the test. When I came to 325, I was on the smallest cog, and alll I got left was cadence. But unfortunatelly, after a minute I started realising that the trainer is not able to keep up with my cadence of over 100 and I was not getting blown out.

Do you think if I initially set the magnetic resistance to 9-10 that I’ll be able to normally use this trainer (it works properly I think) or would I need a better trainer?

When I stopped peddaling, I got the FTP of 250, but I don’t know what to think of it.

You could develop a mini test just to figure out what resistance level you need on the trainer so you can hold your highest sustained power without spinning out. You’ll want to know this not only for the ramp test, but for the many workouts that take you well above ftp.

As a spitball starting point, if you can do 400-500W without spinning out, it’s probably a workable resistance level.

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One additional question:

I’have now set the resistance to higher level (10) and I still can’t really get blown out, but I’m very close.

Right now, I’m using a normal road tyre, that has flattened quite a bit in these two rides. Also I’m riding with about 2-2.5bar. If I buy a trainer-specific tyre and fill it on 7bar, do you think the resistance will change at all (no idea if there’s any slippage present).

I have heard from people that Tacx Blue Matic is a good starter trainer, and I’m pretty sure it’s not faulty.

Hard to say. Because tires all vary in effective resistance on the trainer.

But 2.5 bar is really low compared to the 7 bar this typical. Are you using that lower pressure because of the current tires max pressure rating?

If so, I do think a different tire is worth a shot.

Otherwise, you my be a stronger rider that is hitting the limits of a simple magnet resistance unit. It depends on your current power, but in general, the simple magnet resistance units top out much sooner than fluid units.

Edit to add a link to the possible resistance curve.

If that is true, I can see it not working for stronger riders.

I used to have a wheel-on trainer, an Elite Rampa.

I had a spare rear wheel fitted with the Elite Red Trainer tyre. I guess it’s pretty much the same thing as the blue Tacx tyre or the Yellow cycleops (?) tyre.

With a wheel-on trainer, if your tyre pressure, or the tension of the roller on the tyre varies, then you’ll get varied results. Find a recipe and stick to it for consistency.

I don’t recall the exact details of tyre pressure I used, but it was pretty high, probably 90-100psi. Before every ride, I would also check the pressure and make sure it was ok.

Just wanted to wrap things up…

I went to buy a used Tacx Blue Motion, that has a bigger power range - only walked away with a used trainer tyre. I inflated it to 6bar and really tightened the trainer against the tyre (didn’t realise that’s adjustable - that was the problem). Now it works flawlessly… My FTP is 233, and this trainer will be perfect for all (off)season.


Good deal, glad you got it sorted.

The tire pressure and trainer roller pressure are key in dumb trainer setup. Make sure to be consistent in setting both of them now and you should be all set.