FTP / Profile Question


I am Back! So progress over the last year has been shocking with multiple injuries and a house re-modelling but I have pain cave and and a setup ( which still requires some re-modelling and wiring )

Injuries were a very bad damage to the subacromial bursa
Closed Fracture coxsyx
pulled left calf

all done separately I am pleased to say…

I added the triathlon plan, Sprint, low volume nothing too adventurous ( bearing in mind I came from the low-mid volume 70.3 plan in March). and the ramp was truly awful and I posted a 186 FTP.

So with this I logged into Trainer road expecting my ftp on my profile to be updated. where would I check that I am on the right setting. is the profile for bragging rights or should it have been updated?

thanks in advance


It isn’t too clear here exactly what you mean.

Did you complete a TR ramp test? If so, you would’ve been asked upon completion if you wanted to accept or ignore the new FTP. If you accepted it, then your profile would automatically be updated, along with all future workouts.

I defo pressed update it. I am actually going to do it twice purely to make sure I am accurate

Go to the Accounts section of the TrainerRoad website you will see an option to view your FTP history. You can check there.

For what it’s worth I recently did a ramp test, clicked to update the new FTP, checked TR the next day and it wasn’t updated. Had to manually update it.

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Yeah, I did a ramp test last night, pressed update, went in to look at my new W/kg and it hadn’t changed. Had to update manually. On Android.

Happened to me also on Windows. Despite accepting the new value, TR didn’t update it.

I thought nothing of it at the time and put it down to user-error.

So own up… who broke it!

It worked for me on Wednesday - just a shame it was a decrease :upside_down_face: