Adapt training plan not doing anything after progression reset


I’ve just completed the first 6 weeks of sweetspot training and my FTP increased significantly during the first block. During this block, I saw the adaptations pending message several times, but chose not to adapt because each workout still felt as it should. So after the first block was done, I did an FTP test. I moved the test one day back though, instead of having it at the start of the second block. As a result of this test, my FTP increase significantly and all my progression levels have been reset to 1. However, Initially, I did not see any adaptions happening. I decided to adjust the schedule for the second block (so all workouts at the same time and thus not individually). After re-scheduling, I got the adaptations pending preview and the proposed new workouts all seemed fine. They all had a progression level relatively close to 1, which is what all my levels have been reset to. However, If I press accept adaptations, nothing happens, no error at all but the workouts don’t actually change. I also no longer get the adaptations pending message anymore, unless I re-schedule my workouts again all at once. I can repeat this process, but the adaptations never go through.
so now I’m stuck at the start of block 2 of low volume sweet spot, with a schedule full of workouts that seem to be progressing further from the old progression levels I had before finishing the ramp test.
I’m not sure if this is the intended behavior, since I don’t think I should be doing workouts in the progression range of 5+ for VO2 MAX,threshold and sweet spot when my progression levels are all at level 1 again.
So, I’m not sure what to do. Should I try to complete the first workout and see if adaptions will suddenly kick in. Or is it normal for progression levels to reset to 1 and workouts still continueing at the level you were before the reset?
Thanks in advance!

You’ll see a few threads on it but when your FTP increases you’re PL level based on the lower FTP have to decrease. If its significant they have to decrease to 1 or you have found workouts impossible at the new FTP. Congrats on your substantial increase.

Yea, that’s what I understood as well, but the problem is that the adaptations which are supposed to bring the workouts down to my new (reset) progression level, are not being applied. If I press adap plan, it gives me a preview of the new, adapted workouts, but when I press adapt plan, it is not applying the new workouts. Instead I keep seeing the old workouts and adaptation is then gone.

I wouldn’t have thought that after lowering the PL’s that it needs to adapt down further. I’m not sure why any adaptions are coming up, trainer road support may be able to answer

You said you moved your FTP test; does that mean that the second block doesn’t actually start until tomorrow (Monday)? If so, you’ll probably see the adaptations kick in tomorrow as it only adapts the block you’re in and currently you might be in the last week of the last block rather than the first week of the next block if you see what I mean.


Seems that It updated after all, overnight. Not sure if there was just a big delay or as @Scheherazade mentioned, that I had to wait for the next block to start. Seems a bit strange to me that the preview would already show me the whole new adapted block without actually applying it if I press “adapt plan”. But yea, everything seems to work now so…
Thanks for those who replied.

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Definitely get in touch with The manner in which you moved those workouts around in bulk may have disassociated your plan from AT, the team can check and help out.