FTP going backwards/ Gluten Intolerence

36 year old recreational cyclist, re-joined TR in Jan following a few month off the bike completely. Riding prior to that had been commuting, although pushing myself pretty hard as only time available on the bike with young family. In the past using LV TR plans I’ve been close to 4w/kg.

In Jan I ramp tested at 154 and after a few Training Plans (all LV SSB1. SSB2, Time Crunch 45, SSB1, SSB2, Sustained Power) had managed to test at 210 at beginning of Oct.

Seemed to fall off a cliff the day after that test, went into 1st session and legs just couldn’t cope. Had a few endurance rides and tested again over a week later and FTP was at 188.

Confused I reached out on here and didn’t really get anywhere (was wondering if V02 work in the Time Crunch plan had given a “fragile” power boost).

Have worked through SSB LV1 at ftp 188 with no problems. Legs felt it in Warlow and Palisade, but never to the point where I had to reduce intensity and comparing past rides my HR in this block seemed to be down to previous rides.

Follow the plan to a T completing the recovery week, re-test and I’ve lost another 13 watts - FTP now 175. I did a 8 min test last night to try and hit 188 (thinking was lack of VO2 work in SSB1 might mean ramp test was ill suited) and I had to bail after a few mins of 1st 8min interval.

Where am I going wrong? Here’s a link to my calender https://www.trainerroad.com/app/career/dinyull/calendar

In the background to this, I’ve recently noticed and intolerance and following my own food diary problems seemed to occur with wheat so have this week replaced cereal/ bread/ pasta etc with Gluten free versions and have noticed improvements on that front. But could this intolerance help explain my recent struggles on the bike?

Hi! I am a long time celiac (gluten intolerance) and got my diagnosis at the age of 2. If you do think you have celiac disease go and talk to your doctor. That said, the gluten free replacement products are not always that good in nutrition so it might be worthwhile to look into naturally gluten free options. For example, instead of eating gluten free pasta, eat rice. If you are gluten intolerant and changing to a gluten free diet, that should yield improvements, not decrements although that can take time.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Without going into too much detail, having read up on Celiac I’d say I have a mild intolerance. I will investigate gluten free diet though.

I’ve only changed diet as of Tues, so doesn’t explain Monday’s poor performance.

Was thinking more along the lines of my body fighting the intolerance could be a reason for my struggles, but this wouldn’t explain being able to complete Warlow and Palisade 2 weeks ago and not really sure I could do the same today?! Or the drop off in Oct after 1st half of build.

Might be worth giving the 20min test ago try if your more of a sustained power rider. If you where completing your workouts at 210w uses that to pace the test so maybe try a hold a steady 225w and then gauge your effort and following workouts.

I got stronger once I went off gluten.

I also have celiac.

Add a good fuel source and you should be better off