FTP estimate, why so low on Ramp test?

Alright, I don’t really care about the number per say I just want the workouts to work the right systems and work as they are supposed to.

I’ll do a new workout in two days and then do it with the vectors and see if that makes any difference.

Thanks for your advice.

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Stages doesn’t allow scale factoring so that one you’ll just have to calculate yourself. But my Assioma Duos and my Neo are practically the same. It might differ 1-5W when we’re talking ~200W-300W efforts but that I can live with. Stages has to be recalculated completely because that is like 7,5% off partly due to my leg discrepancy 46%/54% left/right.

What I meant is that over a Ramp Test for example, you can see differences at the beginning higher/lower than at the end. Heat of the trainer has an impact. Pedaling balance as well as you mentioned it. For example, I have an-up-to 60/40 imbalance at lower intensities that disappear completely above 350 watts.
What I am trying to say, is to do one test in the exact same condition/setup that we would train then. That’s the most efficient. And what about outdoor training ? Well, I have no clue, even if I find that the mFTP of WKO is pretty accurate for me.

Well I can’t speak for anyone else but as long as my powermeters are somewhere in the ballpark of each other I’m satisfied. I don’t worry too much if my powermeters I use outdoor are reading a bit off but by that I mean like 1-2% difference. If I can correct them by setting a scale factor, which is possible with everyone except shitty Stages, then I’ll do that to bring that error of margin down. However my sole source of truth is my Neo and on that is where I do my most important workouts. So my biggest advice would be to just go with one powermeter but measure others with that one so you can figure out if the others differ up och down to give yourself some peace of mind.


Now we are talking! I used my Vectors today as power meter instead. And today with 8min Sweet spot intervals at an higher set power then the last workout my heart rate were at the Sweet spot/Threshold level even with 5 sec sprints each 2 min.

So conclution, my flux is reading power much lower than my Vectors. Which one is right or not doesnt really matter but since im going to do workouts both inside and outside im gonna use my vectors instead even thou there is some lag in the setting of resistance in erg mode. Ill also do another ramp test later on with these pedals to set an more acurate value for the training ahead

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Is this the same power meter?

no no, I used my Flux power meter the last time. And now its obvious that they are way off from each other

Are you able to force the Flux to use the Vector power data instead of its own data ? This is what I am doing with the KICKR, and that works wayyyyy better than the Trainerroad Powermatch. No lag, no bug ! Much better! On Wahoo KICKR it’s called “control with ANT+ power meter”. Discovered that few days ago (after three years of struggling with iPad/Powermatch)!

Where do you make that setting? Is it in TR or in an wahoo app or something?

I do that on Wahoo’s app. TR is not even aware that the KICKR rely on the Vector instead.