FTP Estimate disappeared in Ironman Plan

I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this and if its a glitch or intentional: the ramp test / FTP estimate at the start of my specialty phase has been removed.

I’m currently working through a half distance tri plan where each 8 week phase starts off with a ramp test or FTP estimate. I am approaching the specialty phase next week. For the past few weeks I’ve had it in my mind that I will NOT adjust my FTP at the start of specialty because I do not see much of a reason to do so. However, I just noticed recently that the originally schedule ramp test / FTP estimate has been replaced with a workout. I do not remember seeing this as part of my adaptations, but maybe I just missed it.

My gut says it might be related to this bug that we had last week.

Contact support directly if you haven’t already done so, and they can confirm or deal with whatever is happening if the above is not it.