FTP setting not ported to Android app

Hi, The other day I manually adjusted my FTP setting down though the website. I used the profile page, and then went FTP history to backdate it a few days to match with other records I keep.

Last night I went into the android app to do a workout, and realised a few minutes in that the workout was still based off my previous FTP. I was able to use the intensity slider to modify the workout to the correct intensity but it the app really should have picked up the new FTP on its own.

Hey @fullenglish,

I’m really sorry to hear that your FTP didn’t sync properly before starting your workout. It’s possible that the workout was started before the app had the chance to sync the change, which would lead to this issue.

If you check your Profile now, does the FTP in the Android app reflect your updated FTP? Or did you have to manually change it?

I manually changed it once I’d finished the workout. I’m fairly sure I’d had the app open for a while after the ftp update but before the workout.

I’m really sorry about that, I’ll mention this to the team. In the future, I would recommend doing a quick check in the settings of your app after an FTP change to be sure that the change was able to sync.

Closing and re-opening the app will also ensure that the change is brought over.

Sorry again for the inconvenience!

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