Ftp bump after base plan

first bit of consistency to training or a long time. mainly short 45min aerobic sessions carter and bich and ainsley -5. im starting base this week as I’ve been trying to loose Christmas excess weight. .
so did pre base ramptest and managed a 8 % increase in 5 weeks. combined with a 6kg weight loss since Christmas things are moving the right way.

what sort of bump can I expect at end of base plan ftp used to be 285 when I raced 15 years ago and I was 5 kg lighter will I ever see those numbers again :grinning:

I got a ~3.5% bump between base 1 and base 2 (SSBHV). If you haven’t been training much I’d expect you would get more than that.

For the second part of the question, there isn’t much information to base an answer on but unless you’re very old or very slight, probably?