FTP Test after SSMV Base 1

Hi guys
Not sure if this topic has been covered on here before or not if it has I apologise in advance.

I’m fairly new to training. At the start of the SSMV Base 1 I did a ramp test and tested at an FTP of 185w. I have subsequently completed the 6 weeks of base 1 successfully (only missed 2 workouts one of which was a recovery ride).

I re-tested my FTP and tested at 190w (5w increase). I’m actually disappointed in that figure as I do feel a lot fitter and I was expecting my FTP to be a lot higher. Testing procedures for both tests remained the same

My question is that is a 5w increase something I should be happy with and expect bigger gains in the future after completing base 2 and build phase of the program?

Thanks for taking the time to reply it is greatly appreciated.

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It’s been covered multiple times. A search of the forum reveals a number of threads which might reassure you that a 5 watt increase is perfectly normal: Search results for 'ftp after base' - TrainerRoad

Additionally, FTP is only one measure of fitness so don’t be too disappointed!


Thank you for sharing the link and words of advice.
Looking forward to SSMV Base 2

@deepal Just looked at your calendar…looks to me like you are doing great! Concentrate on recovery this week because that Kaweah workout is going to be something you shouldn’t take lightly.

You’ll start doing some workouts on Mondays that are going to really juice your FTP. Taylor/Bluebell/Mills/Spencer. Pay attention to your recovery in the days leading up to those workouts. Make sure you can get a quality workout each time.

You are experiencing ‘delayed FTP gratification’. If you can maintain the discipline and momentum from the past few weeks you’ll see that big FTP bump.

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The first time that I did SSBMV1, I nailed every workout and gained exactly zero watts. I was disappointed as well, then I made a really big jump at the end of SSBMV2.
Keep at it and if you are consistent it will come.

Thanks for the words of encouragement will keep at it :grin:

if you feel fresh and all sweet spot workouts feel easy, you might need train with a slightly higher FTP, maybe you are just not used to going as deep as needed on the ramp test.

As long as you can complete every workout without backpedal or decrease of intensity, you don’t know for sure if your FTP is set high enough, it’s OK to fail or adjust a workout now and then, specially when you know your sleep or nutrition levels are not OK.
For SSB this might it might not be so hard to the point of failure, but with build and vo2max workouts you may touch your limits and go over once in a while.

And in the podcast they mentioned recently, “progress is never linear”.

I had a similar thing happen. I nailed SSBMV and tested and came out pretty much the same but after a 6 week training block, I was pretty tired and that may have impacted (40 years young), then when I moved on to the build phase I had two subsequent bumps of 10watts each time. I went from 294 to 304 and now 314, so not insignificant increases. I am following plan builder so for the build phases I am doing blocks of 3 weeks, then a rest week.

For me, I found that after doing only SS and over unders, I had not really made the gains at higher intensities that you seem to need to perform well at the ramp test but I had fatigue. After a few weeks of vo2 intervals I found I had more at the pointy end of the ramp test. Personally I suspect if you tested using the 20min test you may see a bump.

Given all races seem to be cancelled still, I am now going back to doing another SSbase MV block to consolidate my gains.

yes, and it’s all very personal too (maybe genetics maybe timing/life stuff), for me, the first plan I did was the exact opposite of your experience, SSB1/2 big increases and feeling fresh all the way, but build and specialty was feeling brutal and exhausting (with a stagnating FTP).

Just about to finish my 2nd SSBLV1 block, but I guess the easy gains within LV (+ some additionale rides) are gone now (close to 4w/kg). Hopefully I can squeeze out a few more watts on this volume :slight_smile:

Hi Guys
Quick update. After testing at an FTP of 190 after SSBMV1 I did my first few workouts of SSBMV2 at that FTP and they felt very easy.

I bumped my FTP up to 205 (15w higher than where I tested). So far just started week 4 of SSBMV2 and have had no issues completing the workouts no back pedaling or breaks at all. Are they challenging at 205 FTP most certainly yes, but with a lot of mental fortitude they are doable. Even some of the harder workouts such as Bluebell or Mills or even some of the longer workouts such as Hunter I can complete without taking a break. Could it be the i simply didn’t maximize the Ramp test?

Thanks for your words of encouragment before. Looking forward to my next FTP test at the end of SSBMV2