FTP dropping after base - build

Here is my dilemma. Been doing SSBI+II and Sustained Power build all low volume since end of August. Reason for low volume is simply a very hectic and stressful work life.

I read about all the increases in FTP on the forum but I am on a downward slope in my FTP.

I have been grinding with SS workouts and managed them even some of them are hard. But the results are not coming even after a good recovery week and well prepared ramp test.

I really dont know what to do. Maybe I am not cut out for hard intervals? I have changed my entire planning now to do traditional base work instead, in an attempt to have a change in training.

I am 55 years old so I understand that fitness gains do not come as easy anymore. But going from 240 to just above 220 FTP after yesterdays test really got me down.

Any other suggestions?

Has your weight stayed the same? I’m seen a drop in FTP from 294W at the start of SSB I MV to 286W at the end of SSB II MB (via 292W at the end of SSB I). However, I’ve been targeting weight loss and my FTP has increased in terms of W/kg from 3.6 to 3.8.

Weight basically the same. Between 72-74 kilos depending on circumstances

You say you’re doing LV due to life commitments. Is this a drop in training load/frequency? Were both FTP tests done under the same conditions with the same gear and method? How were you training previously?

This is my first season of structured training. Previously I have just been hitting the road on feeling alone.

In winter time I have been doing basically nothing at all, a little bit of swimming, random indoor cycling on a dumb trainer and was hoping a structured pre-season would give me more of an increase in fitness.

The 4 ramp tests I have done this season have been fairly consistent in terms of time, preparation, gearing etc.

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What Crownan is alluding to, possibly LV is not enough stimulus to increase your fitness. I’d also say that if your life is so busy and stressful possibly you’re not truelly resting/recovering and constantly in a stage of fatigue, though less likely with LV.

Also remember that Base is not really about raising FTP, more so if you already have high fitness you’re bringing into Base. Additionally, just because your FTP isn’t raising, doesn’t mean your muscle endurance, your ability to hold a percentage of your FTP for longer durations, hasn’t risen.

Lastly, again if you’re not recovering because of a hectic life schedule, you may have just had a poor FTP test.