FTP building after sickness

Hello, advice please!

This Autumn/Winter I’ve followed SSB 1 & 2 medium and I am now part way through Continuous Build medium. My FTP increased by 15W during this period. I am pleased because I’m a lifetime athlete and wasn’t expecting a big increase. However, I got a head cold during the easier week of the Build whilst stupidly cut calories. Hit a physical and mental wall and the cold went viral. I was calorie cutting for a Pyrenees trip in June despite my main target being TT’s. I’m good now (lost 2-3wks) and I’m back and ready to rock at an optimal weight. Learnt that calorie cutting during Build is not a good idea. Just ramp tested and felt great and my FTP hasn’t dropped.

I am targeting TT’s and could aim to peak later than originally intended if it means I could build my FTP further. I’ve checked the Forum and other posts indicate that repeating SSB2 and then Build might be the best approach. Time wise it would be better just to repeat the Build phase but I think I have to accept that I’ve dug a deep hole and going straight back into a repeat build would be a bad idea. Thoughts anyone?

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No idea if this is right just posting as I too lost three weeks due to a virus. I’m starting over at SSB1 then a build then a speciality to try and crush some events in August/September. More importantly for me I plan to do 2 trainer rides inside and the rest outside as the weather is beautiful here in now until June…Summer will be more indoors. Good luck!

I guess we’ll find out. Good luck to you too. Thanks for the reply.

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