Fructose intolerance symptoms

If anyone has fructose intolerance I would like to hear about symptoms…

I have bloathing, really smelly farts and when I remove fructose for a 10ish days I “lost” about 1kg…

I’m on plant based food for 10ish years and start to seeing this last 2-3 years when I incorporate fructose drinks and now I have simptoms even when I eat a bit more fruits.

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May try going carnivore for a few months at least to heal your gut. Homemade kefir could also help restore your gut microbiome

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Bloating and noticeable size gain around the stomach region and I also got a severe episode of gout.

Plain maltodextrin was fine for me.


It’s possible you don’t have the gut bacteria to properly break it down. That could take time to develop, if it is something new added to your diet. I eat a lot of raw nuts and have a pretty much plant based diet. If a normal person were to consume nuts in the qty I do they would be in the loo wondering what they ate.

How much of pure maltodextrin do you take per hour?

I dose with 60gm malto in a 700ml bidon but I usually have this over 2-2.5hours.