Another Fructose Question

I probably should explain some background first.

I was taking 45g of maltodextrin and 45g gatorade, no problems (90g total). I realized that was a 3:1 ratio of glucose:fructose, since the gatorade is about 1:1. I heard that a 2:1 ratio was more optimal, so I purchased a bag of fructose, amidst doing so, I heard on the podcast that studies are now showing 1:1 to work better. I started mixing 30g fructose powder, with 30g of maltodextrin, and 30g of gatorade powder, which by my math is a 1:1 ratio.

I started doings this 4 weeks ago, just about the time I was overcoming some cold symptoms. I’ve felt great on every bike ride I’ve done with it, but the next day I seem to have really bad acid reflux (which I never have) and I have had constant diarrhea since (sorry for the graphics). I bring up the cold because maybe I have lingering stomach issues from that?

Am I the only one who is intolerant to that much fructose? Also, why have I never had this problem when I drink gatorade alone? Also, when I started having 90g per hour on bike rides, it was several months ago, and I felt fine, in fact, it was a game-changer because my next day workouts I was much less fatigued. Maybe I became intolerant over the course of several months and it’s just coincidence it coincided with changing the ratio to include more fructose? Sorry, I’m mostly looking to see if people are having similar experiences as me when they try adding more fructose. Maybe some can only tolerate 3:1 like I was?

At this point, I’ve eliminated the fructose powder, and am going back to my maltodextrin/gatorade mix I was originally doing which is the 3:1. It’s been 7 days now and I’m still having stomach problems, which is actually kind of concerning in the grand scheme of things. Kind of wondering if I should stop the gatorade mix too since it has fructose and it seems too coincidental for it to not all be linked.

Ahhhh, that makes perfect sense. I was not aware of the max 30g fructose. Thanks for bringing that to my awareness.