Frozen spirulina for Canucks

Hi all,
Out of curiosity was wondering if there is a good source of frozen spirulina available up north. Got a frozen spiruvive packages, but looks like frozen aquarium water, about 10 times more diluted compared to sp2 based on the nutritional label :thinking:. Like seriously triple dose for whole whooping 2% of my daily iron intake. I can eat an apple instead :rofl:

Which brand?

I got spiruvive made in bc, but something tells me it’s no bueno :thinking: hence asking if there something else is available similar to sp2

Don’t know. In 2018 I was searching for the same, ended up with probably the same company/supplier as you. I ditched them because they are unable to guarantee frozen product on delivery. I had 2 batches delivered in various states of thaw; returned both. Got a third batch which was marginally better. Called the company and they said their “scientists” said the product is still viable even if partially thawed. No idea if it actually provided any benefit or not. Used about half, threw the other half out. Will never re-order.

Good luck!

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