SwissRX From The Feed - Is just repacked

Hi, I wanted to share what I found when it came to SwissRX on The Feed. First, SwissRX is owned by The Feed. Second, from my research is they are just buying existing products and having them packed in their branding. So if you’re looking at a product from them either get it on sale or do a little research and find the original product.

SwissRX Collagen $90/30 servings = Ortho Molecular CollaGEN $60/30 servings
SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex $160/30 servings = Ortho Molecular Soft Tissue Support Pack $100/30 Servings


Any insights on how u found this out ?

I was skeptical from the get go as I had never heard of the brand SwissRX before. Simple google search shows you the brand is registered to The Feed. I figured they didn’t have the team in place to actually create products like this so I started looking at the nutrition labels and searching for specific ingredients listed. Was able to match the SwissRX product labels exactly to other products.


Interesting. Just did a search and sure enough SwissRx is owned by The Feed and is based at the same address as The Feed in Broomfield, CO.

I use a couple of the SwissRx products, so I am now curious about where these products are sourced.

Hopefully you can find the original products and save some money sourcing them elsewhere.

Their nitric oxide appears to align with the Ortho Molecular CitraNox product. Seems like most places have the Ortho for $50 while the SwissRx is $75.

Definitely makes the marketing fluff on their website read differently when you realize they are the same entity and doesn’t appear that they are making the products themselves.


Fluff makes everything hard


Nothing wrong with a private brand strategy….many, many companies are very successful with it

I do, however, question their tactics here……98.3% of private brands offer a value proposition to their customers, not a price premium. . A whole lot of Kirkland products are the exact product as the national brand, from the supplier, but they aren’t priced higher.


Where did you find Ortho at $60? It’s $69 at Amazon and the rest of the stores look slightly sketchy…

Clicking thru on the Ortho products at good prices is leading to lots of ebay or dead sites.

It was $60 on Amazon, looks like the seller has changed.
Here’s a bunch for $60 + shipping and some had free shipping offers:
Google Shopping CollaGEN

That is the exact same product. Thanks.

Any idea what the multivitamins are? I’ve used them in the past and a nutritionist I trust liked the ingredients but they seem quite overpriced and I have not repurchased.

Seeing how three of their products tie back to Ortho Molecular its probably a good bet to start looking at their products and see if you can match it up.

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Ortho MitoCORE

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The fact that they put “Swiss” in the name and say “Free shipping to US” in the announcement bar on the website seems a little sus.

What exactly is “Swiss” about this brand? I’m guessing they’re just capitalizing on the positive connotations their target customers have with Switzerland, like:

DT Swiss
Swiss Side
Swiss watches
Swiss army knives
The Alps
Nino Schurter
Fabien Cancellara
Daniela Ryf

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Thanks for posting this.

While I understand what the Feed is trying to do, personally I dislike the lack of transparency and the upsell using the “SwissRX” name.

The Feed had done a lot of positive, especially with sponsoring a lot of domestic athletes, but this kind of shady marketing knocks them down a few pegs IMHO.


I have the collagen on subscription with the feed, so it’s about the same price as the original lable. It’s way too expensive at the regular price though.

I suspect the same goes for a lot of the other rebranded items,but I haven’t done that homework.

The holes (in the marketing)


I think it’s pretty clever. Like has been mentioned before
, rebranding or relabeled is not that uncommon. The fact that they are doing it shouldn’t be quite a shock I think. At the very least it seams they are doing it with a quality product. I mean if it was just a low quality off brand then I could see a reason to be aggravated over it - but otherwise it’s just clever marketing.
Sometimes I wonder how they will make any money anyway if I’m just using sugar water and salt and baking my own goods while they sponsor my cycling club and constantly send free products.
Almost every organized ride I do has free swag from the Feed or Hammer or Gu and I’m on the sugar water and salt train. Somebody has to buy this stuff at retail and it aint me


Not to mention sponsoring almost every Lifetime athlete out there……

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