Front wheel a lot higher

The last 4 week on sustained build I have found some of the workouts extremely difficult to finish. The 2 x SSB plans went perfect with a 18 watt increase in FTP and I’ve been wrecking my head about whether it was fatigue or the flywheel or the tire worn slightly but today I’ve noticed that the front wheel is about 2 to 2.5 inches higher than the back wheel. I just had it raised higher for no particular reason so I’m just wondering now if this could have made my workouts harder because the front wheel was raised. Thanks.

Sadly I do doubt it’ll have made any significant difference. Your resistance is controlled by the friction at the rear wheel no matter it may feel like you’re climbing, as I say sorry.
Ironically I’m just about to try a 1/2 inch 1cm raise for comfort.

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Many of us have purposely raised the front wheel to help with comfort. I don’t think this is the problem unfortunately.
If you’re sticking with a plan consistantly than you are going to get faster/stronger. There would be nothing wrong with throwing in a recovery week right now. The recovery weeks are built so you won’t lose fitness and you will likely come out of it feeling stronger.

I noticed your outdoor rides don’t have TSS data. I’m pretty sure you can estimate than add those to TR to make tracking easier.


okcnewbie’s point about outdoor TSS is important.

I have two TR workouts this weekend 1:45 today 2:00 tomorrow and I cannot do tomorrow’s so I have ridden outside today for 3:43 - yes I was impressed with my accuracy & precision too - rode hard long pulls on the front as matter ot interest why when it’s my turn do we always turn up a hill and or into a headwind? So I’m assuming my TSS for that will be in the ball-park of the plan (yes I know it’s not 100% accurate etc). If I didn’t consider that and then hit tomorrow with the 2:00 plan I’d be spanked!