Freehub - will not mount onto Tacx Neo 2T

Hi All - got my Neo replaced under warranty however the existing freehub will not mount onto the trainer?? WTF. Anyone similar issues??

Are you compressing the freehub pawls by rotating a bit counter-clockwise when installing it?

Thanks for that - it will not even get 10-15mm onto the trainer - looks like one of the internals in the freehub has moved and there is an internal sleeve/collar blocking it.

Are you sure you got one for the 2T and not an older Neo without the full thru-axle option?

Ah…didnt realise there was any geometry changes and that the free hub would be compatible.

I was partly guessing, but a quick check shows it may be a real issue:

I would call Tacx/Garmin customer service. Long story short, different models (including updates of the same model names) have different freehubs. Also, purchases from third-party dealers are not always correct. Tacx can run you through, in detail, what part number you need, and their site sells them directly with a clearer distinction between the different variants. I ran into this issue recently with a Tacx Flux S and a purchase through Competitive Cyclist. Tacx was able to help me figure out that I had the wrong part number for my specific trainer, despite what the product listing said on CC.

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If you’ve got the right model, just move it. The sleeve moves. It’s a spacer between the bearings, as the bearings need support on the inner race when under compression (lock ring).

On the outside of the free hub, inside on the hub shell, there is usually a spacer/ridge there too, to support the race on that end. Nothing will mess up bearings faster than pressure on the race moving it out alignment, so all designs should have support.

Thanks all - have emailed Garmin/Tacx ref the hub. If they had told me that when they replaced my Neo 2 to a Neo 2T I would need a new hub it would not have bothered me but its poor comms from them especially as its a warranty replacement.

Thankfully you guys have the knowledge and comms they lack :slight_smile:

Many thanks Barry

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