Tacx Neo 2T and XG-1275 eagle 10-52 cassette wobble

Hey there,

I tried to install my all new Tacx Neo 2T with the Tacx XD-R freehub (T2875.76). But when it gets to installing my XG-1275 Eagle 10-52 cassette on it using the 1,85mm spacer (cassette is the same to the one I usually ride outdoors), the cassette wobbles.

I get the feeling that the cassette is not fully “plugged” on the freehub. 2-3mm is not enough, I assume.

Next steps would be to replace the new cassette by my old one and see if this also wobbles, right?

Does anybody has an idea what the reason could be? Thanks

Is the lockring on correctly? (This is an obvious one… but when I screw that up the cassette wobbles)

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Hey there, on this GX Eagle there is no lockring. It’s integrated into the cassette.

I found this article on the forum Problem with a tacx neo 2 and cassette pointing towards a messed up thread.

As I cannot guarantee that the thread is okay as it seems to be a “used” one, I’ll try to claim for a new one at bike online shop.

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Just to sum it up : the cassette had this wobble in it and I replaced it with a new and okay one.

There it no chance to fix it. Hope this helps somebody. :slight_smile: