Tacx Neo - Freehub issue

My free hub body is loose on my Tacx Neo. Wobbling around and therefore not holding the cassette still. Is it a case of just replacing the free hub body or could it be something worse?

Have ridden it a lot and got it 2nd hand.

Mine has a nut that holds it in place on the end, make sure that’s torqued down.

There are also 3 “Pawls” on mine that allow engagement and freewheel in reverse. You could pull off the freehub body and make sure those are still in good shape and not broken off. They’re just held on by a metal retaining wire.

(Neo 2T not orginal Neo, but probably similar)

Hard to say if your issue is the same as mine, but my neo cassette was wobbly a few years ago. I took everything off, greased, tightened everything, etc. Turned out that I had killed the bearings inside the frrehub. I don’t recall exactly how I diagnosed it but I think taking freehub off entirely and using my finger to check how the bearings rolled. There was a lot of play.

Bought a nrw freehub and the problem was solved Technically the bearings are replaceable.