FRC - how long does it last?

I am using WKO5 and considers to increase my FRC (while maintaining FTP). Since FRC is in the anaerobic area, I am wondering for long the improvement (if any) will last. Will it last a couple of weeks or months? In other words, how close the event should I incorporate a phase of FRC training?

FRC is basically the number of Kj’s one can do above FTP. Most training plans switch from base centric riding to race centric interval training 6-8 weeks prior to an A event. I’d probably take a look at your PD curve and power profile and identify weaknesses to know what type intervals to target as they pertain to your type of race.

I am going to ride the Paris-Roubaix 170 km sportive in October. My current thinking is to ride the cobble stretches as fast as I can, which should be quite a bit higher than my FTP. So therefore I wanted to increase my FRC (it is currently 16,2).
I realise that the “size of the tank” is one thing, and repeatability is hugely important. Eg there are more than 20 cobble stretches (varying length) so I need a good ability to recover the FRC.

A training modus I have planned to use, is riding at SS/FTP and going significantly over for maybe 1 min and then back to SS/FTP. The intense period can be extended to increase overall stress etc.
It is rather race specific, so I am wondering if training the FRC more specifically in advance is beneficial.

For training FRC specifically, I consider 3x5 min 30 s all out, 30 s rest. 10 min between sets. So 3x5 very hard efforts in total.

At the moment I am working on extending TTE, secondarily increasing FTP, and wonder if I should take a block of specific FRC training. I know these things depends on many factors, but any general considerations or principles would be great to hear.

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FRC - how high should it be?

New WKOer here, just messing around with it.

Doing a block of FRC/Z6 coming off a TTE focused block (w/ lower middle class FRC).

30-day data well-fed but the “optimal” iLevels intervals — FRC+ — seems too high. I did a 5x 1min FRC today and av power just barely touched the range low (170% - 180%).

Should I knock it down a touch or just keep blasting away until something good happens? :man_shrugging:t2:

Similar to @Landis input: Depending on your goal event, I’d focus on getting your TTE to 60+mins (mostly through SS and threshold work) prior to focusing on FRC (mostly VO2 and anaerobic) closer to your goal event.

Start here and checkout the webinar:

Like Bob and Landis said, it’s common to increase after base, prior to racing.

TTE is already well into the 50s.
Obviously no races. Ending the “season” at the end of the month so wanted to bang out a few KOMs for charity props.

Guess it’s a matter of having non-optimal data resulting in non-optimal targets.
(e.g. WKO estimated my best mFTP at ~335w at the same time a TTE test gave me 315w. No wonder I was flying in August.)