Food Sensitivity Test

Has anyone done a food sensitivity test? I had a friend take the

test and find out that something they were eating everyday was causing lots of problems. They eliminated the staple and digestion improved.

I’m asking because my digestion has been… “unpredictable and inconsistent.” I’m not sure if its just light cases of unsanitary toddler stomach bugs or some nutrition issue.


Don’t waste your money and do a proper elimination diet instead

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Been interested in this as well but as chancie points out, I am aware there is no science behind it

I did this particular test a couple of months ago. Fortunately or unfortunately it told me I was only mildly affected by eggs (yolk and white), and garlic. Everything else was almost nil. I don’t have any specific known issues and definitely no allergies, so I wasn’t too surprised. I always thought I had a slight milk intolerance, including whey protein, but doesn’t seem so and I have reintroduced without any real issues. Note: whey protein is not one of the things they test for in the basic test.

The test was relatively easy to conduct yourself, but the results took longer than I expected. Results were presented clearly.

If your digestion/bowel habits have changed then see a doctor first.

They talked about this on the podcast a long time ago, and then came back a week later and retracted everything that was said because the science behind the take home tests is questionable.

I did one and it didn’t really answer or solve anything for me. The test picked up that I have an allergy I’m already aware of (it said it was mild, when it’s pretty severe in actuality), and recommended I don’t eat stuff I already don’t eat at all because it says I have a mild reaction to it (coffee, chicken, milk and a few other things). Though when I did eat those things years ago I never had issues.