Fondo season training or Fondos every other week training

We’re lucky here in Southern California that we have a very healthy autumn Fondo season. One can ride a Fondo every week from October - December.

Last month, end of September, I completed a Haute Route multi day event, HR Stelvio. That event, which I started training back in July, was more of getting through and completing and not getting picked up by the broom wagon, which I thankfully managed to avoid.

After three weeks of steady riding, mostly outside, sprinkled with some indoor efforts and throwing in a taper week, I had a Fondo this past weekend. I did well, and improved from my challenge times…certain climbs, from the last time I did this event last (2017). I think I did well, and felt pretty strong, except for one minor cramping issue.

My question is this. I have another Fondo in two weeks and I’m a bit confused on what training approach I should take. Rest days? Reduced intensities? Have a taper week, or two weeks of taper? Anyone else doing bi weekly fondos?

What is the goal of these for you? A races? C races (ie. just participating)?
If you’re treating them as A or B races you’ll want to approach them like any other races with slight taper heading in, opener the day before, etc.
Though just remember they can’t all be A events for you…

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hi there,

If you are a Fondo rider, you may want to check this

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Thanks for the comments. Yes, I’m treating them as A and B races, but technically not podium material, more like PR and improvements from the previous time I rode the Fondo. But what you presented is pretty much the thinking I’m after.

Great info, thanks!