Wahoo Kickr Core

Hi. Anyone got one? I returned my second Tacx Flux today as it failed again. So I’m looking for a good mid priced smart trainer and the Core comes up looking good. However, seemingly not available in the U.K. until 20th November…

I have one that works great.

Warning though - they have problems with some of the units. The first one they sent me was defective me - I returned it to Wahoo and they sent me a new one within a week (zero cost to me except gas to drive to FedEx and the delays).

Probably all the defective ones will be out of their queue by November 20th

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Got one that was defective too. Exchanging it at the shop I got it from today. Really like the idea, really like how it’s basically the regular one just minus a bit of max watts or grade, which who am I kidding I’m not going over 1800 watts haha.
Hoping this new one I pick up today is in line with how it should be.

I have one, but cannot compare it to any other trainer as it is my first one.

So far it’s been great, easy to set up and use, the only “problem” I have is that the stickers are letting go of the brake. So every now and then I will hear a strange noise but it’s just a sticker letting go.

Just four or five more left and that problem has solved itself :wink:


Haha I have the same thing - freaked me out the first time


I did tonight’s session on a very old wheel on turbo. I’d forgotten how crappy they really are. Roll on getting a new smart trainer

I am in UK and pre-ordered one and LOVE it.

have had the same issue with stickers flying off and being freaked out.

My first ‘smart’ trainer and i would never go back.

I haven’t used a kickr and was torn on what to get but super happy with CORE and everything i need …

big thumbs up.


I have one for about 2 weeks now. Since it is off season I only rode it for about 3 hours total and with the gearing I used that is maybe 75km. No problems so far, a breeze to set up, even without spin-down calibration it matches my power2max reading within specs, and from my experience so far I can very highly recommend it.

Two things to note, (1) it is not completely silent - it has a very low-volume buzz, but it is so low volume that it is not louder than the drivetrain. So one can easily listen to music on headphones without ramping the volume up. (2) I move mine around quite a lot, and it is a bit clunky to grip in order to carry - I am always scared it will catch on my wedding band and rip my finger off. So if you move yours around quite a bit, the normal kickr with the handle may not be a terrible idea.

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I pre-orderd mine as well, I was actually looking at the KICKR Snap, but I was worried about the noise levels. As I didn’t want to be a bother to my neighbours (live in an apartment).

But whilst I was researching the KICKR Snap they just announced the Core and then read/saw DC Rainmaker’s preview of it and decided to hold off on ordering the Snap, a very wise decision so far.

It’s going to be interesting to see how much I have improved because of the Core and TR, in 2 weeks or so I will finish SSB LV1 and will have to retake the ramp test :slight_smile: