Stages power X TrainerRoad Desktop app

I’m getting significant fluctuations in power when I use my stages (left side only) crank with the TR app on my MacBook Air. It transmits using bluetooth so I’ve turned off bluetooth on all other devices to reduce interference.

Every few minutes the power drops by between 10-100watts for about 20-45seconds then returns.

I have no probs when using the iphone and ipad app.

Has anyone else experienced this and do you have any suggested fixes? Cheers

Best to contact for issues like this.

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Thanks Chad. I already did and they think it’s between Stages and the macbook, not their app. I have an outstanding support ticket with Stages who I guess are just snowed under atm.

Keen to know if this is a common problem or just my set up…

I contacted the TR support team again just in case and I got a fantastic advisor called Gillian who has given me these things to try (I’m posting in case anyone else has the same issue). Gonna try these out!

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room, including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc. These can clutter your connection.

  • Change the battery in your devices. The lower the battery is, the shorter the connection range.

  • Move the device running TrainerRoad closer to your training setup, if possible. Too much distance can make it hard for devices to find each other.

  • Let’s have you close out of all other apps/programs that may be running in the background. These can interrupt your connection.

  • Try a ride with your wifi router unplugged. Wifi signals run on the same channel as your devices send signals out on, and the interaction between the two signals can cause issues. If the ride with your router unplugged is better, you can change the channel your router sends out a signal on. Here’s how:

Another thing I’d recommend is to turn Pedal to Resume/Pasue off within settings as we work on troubleshooting these dropouts.

This is because whenever you experience a dropout, the app will pause as it’ll think you’ve stopped pedaling.

You can turn this off by clicking Settings, and toggling ‘Peda to Resume/Pause’ off.

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