Fixing to start my first training cycle/ outdoor rides

I just purchased a Kinetic Road Machine Control and the thru axle for my cannondale habit mountain bike. I am wanting to jump onto the SSB1 LV this coming week. after downloading the app and looking at schedule, it shows its 3 rides a week with the long one on Saturdays. Sunday mornings is when I would normally hit the local MTB park for outdoor ride. Should I alternate one of the shorter rides for an outdoor ride? will riding Sunday after long Saturday trainer be over kill? I want to improve fitness but also just enjoy being out on the bike. any suggestions?


You’re doing the indoor session so you can enjoy being out on the bike more, yes? If you are fit enough and have the time, why not do the three session plus the outdoor ride. If you want to enjoy being out on your bike, do the Sunday outdoor ride instead of the Saturday trainer session.


I am basically the same as you, I ride sunday mornings and am on the LV plan. I generally substitute the saturday TR rides for the Sunday on the MTB, unless of course I can’t get outside then I will do the TR workout.

I also try and hit the gym twice a week and also try and do the + versions of the TR rides but I’m still playing with scheduling at the moment.

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Thanks, that’s kind of what I was thinking. Substitute the outdoor rides on weekend until my base is built up enough to do the trainers and outdoor rides when I can.

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