First Trainerroad Workout on Pioneer CA600

I managed to transfer first TR workout to Pioneer headunit with a little bit workout. If I can download files in .fit format then it is so easy to transfer them.

Here is what I did
I chose North Pack as example workout. I created exactly the same workout on TrainingPeaks and export it as fit file. Then I installed Android file transfer to my Mac. Power up the head unit (CA600) and connect it to my MAC - This step is important otherwise MAC does not recognize it as MTP device.

Then I just copied fit file under Training folder, went back to head unit and selected Training->trainingMenu- >LinkedMenu-> and thats it. I am going to give it a try now :slight_smile:



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Personal use, yeah? :wink:

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Is it a problem? Did not know that :frowning:

May or may not violate the TR T&C.

Thanks for pointing this out.

It is clear but still a huge gap.