Feature Request: Why not to enable download TR workouts?

I don’t use Garmin, I don’t use Wahoo but I use Pioneer CA600 and I would like to load my TR workouts manually or automatically to CA600 and do my workout either inside or outside using my headunit.

Not sure why training .fit files are not available for downloading to TR subscribers. maybe some intellectual property issues?

I think TR should enable these workout files as .fit and this they can support more wide range of devices.

I just don’t like the way outdoor rides as of now.

Maybe I missing something but I would like to hear about it.



I think that’s it… before TR I tried to get structured workouts to my Garmin, but it’s just too much work to get it right. If TR workouts could be exported as fit files, it would be too easy to “share”

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Hate to say it but get a Garmin or wahoo so you can take advantage of the outdoor workout integration. I am sure you can find a pretty cheap one of the older versions. You are spot on TR won’t do this and I wouldn’t either if I were them.


Yeah but then I miss lots of other functionality that Pioneer provides. I have Garmin 520 and I hate it :slight_smile:

Interesting. I have no experience with the pioneer as I have always been in the Garmin ecosystem in one shape or form. Had a wahoo bolt at on point and it was stellar but enjoying my 530 now.

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The issue is I have also Pioneer PM which comes with pedaling monitor. I user it regularly when I am outside and it really help my with my pedaling technique.

anyways, I will continue to write outside workouts on a piece of paper and stick it on handle bar :slight_smile:

Have a read up on Garmin Cycling Dynamics. I’d be surprised if you can’t get from that what you want


I will do that but pedaling monitor will not work with Garmin as it is Pioneer specific. But I will take a look

Looks like Wahoo has added Pioneer’s pedaling monitor to some of their models.

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Yep, thats true but new year budget is limited sorry does not exist :slight_smile: