First time I didn't finish a training. FTP too high?

So, I’m pretty new to structured training. Mid-40s, riding since 3 years on weekends. Had a short outside structured training stint with hart rate before covid hit, and started TR six weeks ago on a trainer.

My first ramp test gave me an FTP of 173. Training after that felt hard, but manageable. After 6 weeks on a low volume custom plan I did the second ramp test two days ago. Gave me a new FTP of 200, hooray! That felt hard, as I guess it should. Didn’t stand up, but could only manage with a really high cadence of 110 - 114 on the last part of the ramp. With what I’d consider “no bouncing”, but as I said, I’m quite new to the sport.

Today, two days later, I’ve attempted to do Truchas -3 – and didn’t finish it. it felt too hard. Did 45 mins out of 1h.

Now I ask myself: Is the FTP too high for me?
Or do I just need time to settle in?
My plan of moving forward is to see if I can finish the next trainings, and go from there.

Any advice on how to deal with the situation?

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Lots of reasons that could happen, from power meter miscalibration, to how you tend to test, to your physical state coming into the workout.

Just knock down the intensity on the next prescribed ride 5% and see how it goes. Adjust up or down from there.

Other option is to use the alternates feature that I saw was just released in the iOS beta app. I don’t know how that will show up exactly, because I am in the adaptive training beta, but my guess it is will give alternates that are slightly harder/easier than what is prescribed. Pick some easier ones.


Cooling is key for indoor training - even more so during summer. Have at least one strong fan blowing at you directly and enable circulation of fresh air into your room to help clear humidity.

The ramp test is relatively short so you can get away with improper cooling but you will pay the price during longer workouts.


It was one workout. Don’t read into it until you fail multiple. If you do, then drop your FTP by a percent and try again.

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When you went into the workout, how were you feeling? Ready to do some hard work or tired from a busy day? Are you starting to carry some residual fatigue?

As you’re new-ish to indoor interval work, it could be that your body is simply adjusting to the stress level you’re putting it under. Personally, I find that I have to be both mentally and physically prepared to work. If I’m not, I put in a sub par effort.

How are you you fuelling these Sweetspot workouts? Efforts like this for most TR users will require fuelling whilst completing the workout.

Great answers everybody, thanks for the hints!

My key takeaways:

  • cooling
  • fueling
  • take into account stress & fatigue

… but I guess I underestimated how hard a training can feel – and adjust.
So I’ll keep going on with the current FTP, and knock down intensity if too hard.


As a new rider I would really say don’t overthink it too much. I’ve had workouts where I’ve felt like trash from the start and crashed and burned near the end. When that happens I just easy pedal for a few seconds and get back at it.

As others covered nutrition and cooling are big things to consider along with your body just getting used to endurance sport. After 2 weeks off I usually think I should quit cycling bc I struggle too much :joy:

Especially at a 27W higher FTP. Given an assumed efficiency of 25%, that means you are now putting out an additional 100+ watts of heat (even the 27W that does make it to the drivetrain ends up being disappated as heat by the trainer).

I’ve had a bit of a crappy week, it can happen from time to time. Sleep, stress (new job), heat have all been factors that all coalesce, and of course the biggest one…


Thanks everybody again for your answers!
Yesterday, I was able to finish Starlight -2 – so I think I’ll leave the FTP where it is.
Felt hard though … :wink:
Used some of you tips – fueling, and I trained on the balcony with some wind to help cooling. Got to get a good fan though!