First race this past weekend. I got MASSACRED! LOL!

First race of the year here in AZ yesterday. A 20km flat TT. I got KILLED! I was DFL.

Training has been going well and I’ve been nailing the workouts and have been super consistent. I had a good warm-up yesterday and the nutrition and sleep were on point.

Here are my excuses:

  1. I rode too much the day before. I did 2.5 hours with team mates on Saturday. And, like every group ride there’s always that one guy that doesn’t actually seem to understand how to ride easy. So, it was a bit more than I wanted physically.
  2. I rode my road bike. I had my race wheels on and small tri extensions on my bars but, a road bike in a TT is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Especially here in AZ where there a strange number of TT specialists/enthusiasts.
  3. Hey! It’s the first race of the year!

Next race is a crit (more my thing) in mid-April. I start specialty phase in 2 more weeks and should be pretty good to go by then.

Hope y’all are being safe out there!


You know you guys don’t have to chase that one guy, right? Just let him go and he’ll figure it out. :wink:


How did your average power compare to your FTP? In other words was this a case of you not performing or rather that you were out gunned in the equipment and competitor department?

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I’d say even if build up wasn’t perfect, you’re never ready for your first race. Good to enjoy it, get back into the swing of things, and move on to the next one :facepunch:

Good on you for having a go :clap: With the TT forget other folk and gauge against yourself :wink:

I didn’t have power for the race but, I’ve been watching heart rate in my workouts the past few weeks so I had a reference point. I held it in the right place, right under where I would blow up. It was the best effort I was capable of physically, I’m just not there physically for that kind of event.

Just bumped into Suj from Carlos O’Brians on BOS Saturday. I asked about Avondale. He said they are probably going to move it to October. Just FYI so you don’t worry about being good to go for April.

I kinda figured that was gonna happen.

My reply is tongue-in-cheek but also 100% serious. You…um…understand that YOU are THAT guy. Period.

Yes, you. And believe me if you say “some OTHER guy started riding hard first” that makes you look even worse, lol.

I can hear a couple of dozen Mom’s screaming in unison;

“If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you do it too!”

They answers for you;


You’ll do better next time, enjoy and have fun!


LOL! Point well taken. It did occur to me that I probably should have ridden alone that day to avoid having to go at someone else’s pace.

I ride outdoors so seldomly, never mind with friends, that it’s hard to turn down. It was my first outdoor ride in a few weeks.


I certainly feel this pain for sure.

If Jonathan said Keegan Swenson would you drink a beer ? :wink:

We drink liquor in my household! LOL!

I finally got around to writing about the race on my blog if you want to have a look: First race of the year and changing things up a little.