First what?

A friend helps run an annual road race and talked me into participating. I’m 70 and it’s been 45 years since I “pinned on a number.” Came back to cycling about 5 years ago and have been using TR mainly to get and stay as fit as I can be. Don’t know how well I placed in my age catagory as the race was to be 28.5 miles, hilly with one Cat 4 climb which I set a PR on. At about the 20 mile mark, a volunteer at an intersection waved bikers on the wrong turn /route so some folks ignored him and did the 28 miles correctly others turned (me) and when realizing the mistake, ended up clocking 30.5 miles. Still other did 33 plus miles getting back. No biggie as it was a lot fun. Was happy with my 17.5 MPH average. Did most of the course solo. I have a couple of questions for the experts out there and the TR staff.

I was careful on not pushing too hard over FTP but tried to always keep a steady output on the pedals. On the climbs I held back a bit staying within 10-15% over FTP. Afraid of blowing up. My IF for the event was .98. I felt I could have push harder on the climbs and felt I had some left in the tank at the end.

Question… what do you find better… to push more on the climbs and coast on the descents to recover and not try to add speed (spin out). Or does it really not matter? Pacing suggestions? Not racing anytime soon but like to get into group rides a little over my head so pacing advise appreciated.

Now what? i did have this race listed as my A event and it ending my current training block. I have a suggested week recovery, then a blank calendar. Been reading the “Faster after 50 book” and want to continue to train and improve. Doubt I’ll be doing anymore racing until the same race next year (if I stay on the right side of the grass till then…). Should I just start using the train now feature a couple times a week? Or any suggestions for new plans to continue on?

Final note(s) I got truly inspired by some 75 year old plus folks…bike riding is the fountain of youth! Also post ride ,my Gluts (a**) and hamstrings were killing me…finally got them engaged!!


I pace hills comfortably hard but keep the power on over the top and on the descents.

Most other people enjoy powering up and then coasting.

If in a group go as hard as the group. If solo go as hard as you can w/o going in the red on the climbs. For descents the shallower they are the harder you should push. If they are steep enough to spin out then tuck.

Also glute and hamstrings soreness w/o much quad soreness can be an clue that your position is too far back.

Hey. Thanks for that tip!