First Race Expectations, Beating the Breakaway, Rest Week Diets and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 242

I can vouch for the quality of the RedShift stuff. I got their aerobar and dual-position post from their original Kickstarter, and they are still great products in use over 5 years now.

I also have the awesome ShockStop stem on my Boone, and it compliments the rear IsoSpeed on that very well. I also have their new suspension seatpost, but have not had a chance to try it.

Their new bar is very interesting too. Along the same lines, there is at least one more option for the return to mini aerobars:

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sure did. remembered, and was searching for some more info. all i found was your post😃

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Maybe we will get some more hints or even details in this weeks cast (even though it’s not listed in the initial notes).

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I know you’re set on the enve ones, but I saw some great ones recently that had that sort of shape but a straight section where your levers attach so they don’t go out on such a crazy angle, wish I could remember the brand… urgh…


I may make a separate post, but am thinking of making a template for use in ride notes, to help me make use of them and save time from having to remember what I should add for ideas. Here is a first draft of the things that might be good to document after a workout.












  • OTHER:

Any other suggestions?

Splitting subjective things down to 10 levels of intensity can be 'tricky' - 3 or 5 categories [e.g. excellent, good, meh, poor, awful] is more clear-cut, less likely to push stuff from one level into the next. Is it necessary to know a particular workout was a 2 vs a 3?
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Yeah, I was considering a 1-3 or 1-5 scale to keep it more simple. Good confirmation.

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Personally I wouldn’t fill all that out - too much work! I’d try and narrow it down more, then just add ‘other’ for anything else that’s relevant. Sleep and nutrition are also often logged elsewhere, for instance.

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I echo this, too much info. I’m not going to go back into notes the day after a workout to log “sleep after” for example. The reason the whoop workout Q&A system works for me is it’s 3 questions, takes 5 seconds to move two sliders and tick a yes/no question.

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Good points. I will make some edits.

I added more than typical, because I don’t use anything else to track sleep or nutrition, so this is the only place I want or need that info.

Makes sense to reduce if people have alternate sources for tracking.

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Question for the experts about substituting long/slow rides for shorter sweet spot rides (per this bit): I’ve got a long event (not a race, 150mi charity ride) planned, so I’ve been doing the long/slow alternate workouts on weekends during SSBMV2. I’ve got build (GBMV) starting in a couple weeks. Should I keep doing the long/slow alternate instead of shorter sweet spot, or was that recommendation really just for base phases?

Not an expert, but the training plan notes for Gen Build MV invite you to substitute a longer, easier ride for the Sunday sweet spot work, just like in SSB. Seems fine, then, and a good idea given that it’s more in line with your target event.


I tend do mix and match between the SS and End options every other week. I seem to need a bit of both (muscle end via SS, and pure End via Z2) and think that keeping some variety helps from a training perspective. Also, the difference in mental load is a good change for me too. So, to steal the phrase from Starlord, “a bit of both” is what I like to do.

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I’ve been mixing my own maltodextrin and fructose 1:1 and pushing up towards 150g per hour. It seems to be working, but I’m curious how I can tell whether I’m taking on too much too fast. In this podcast, @Nate_Pearson says something along the lines of “if I get gas I know it’s too much”. Gas when? Soon after, like within an hour or so, or many hours later?


For me, it’s during my ride.

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I like this! I’d definitely go with a 1-3 or 1-5 scale, but the sleep and nutrition sections in particular would be really helpful for me.

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