First failed workout. where to go from here?

You did fine

Same! I always have 2 consecutive days off per week, first ride after those two days always feels like shit, doesn’t matter if its a commute or whatnot.

I need one day of riding after rest, before hard rides.

Especially for trainer work. Outside it’s different when you can do 1-2 hours easy before hitting efforts.


I think this is right. Unless (maybe) you’re bumping right up against your genetic potential, forgoing that 5th 3 minute VO2 interval, say, isn’t going to cost you anything like 20% of the stimulus.

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The issue is erg mode.

You can’t fail a vo2 workout unless you don’t do it. Maximum oxygen uptake is maximum oxygen uptake.

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Agree with you about outside, sometimes I’ll feel like not pushing the pedals hard and will just keep riding. After 40 minutes or an hour, I usually find it possible to do the hard efforts. Inside on the trainer I didn’t have the patience and would abort the session. The only fail in my mind is not getting on the bike, or prematurely aborting and not putting in the time.


Yeah totally, but, I have also realised that if I have the time, once those interval sessions come, I usually add 45-60min of like 160w spin, just super super easy. Then the legs usually wake up.

But then the session might become like 2-2.5hrs with intervals etc.

Totally agree :slight_smile: Its not a fail if the session feels like crap, and you abort the intervals and just do easy spin instead. It’s life, sometimes you fail just because it’s a bad day.

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My handle came about because I failed a workout.

You can join me if you’d like.