Failed my first workout

It has finally happened, what I consider to be my first failed workout… or is it?

In my training plan I completed the workout Bashful +1 before, difficult yes but completed. On this morning though something went wrong. The first set went relatively well, it was the second that trouble ensued. Breathing became heavy and uncontrolled, fatigue set in quickly and pedalling became a nightmare and the rests well they were there for me to try and catch my breath.

During this time I had to back pedal during one of the 30sec breaks as it became just to difficult (1st failure) then got through the intervals… oh but it was not over the final intervals came closer… and closer… and my mind told me “well at least you have caught your breath back” (thanks brain).

It began, the worst intervals of my TR experience each set consisted of me bobbing, breathing heavy and grunting (thought i’d wake the house up with that noise). Again I had to stop, reduced my FTP by 5% and kept on keeping on… oh so I thought… next interval reduced again by another 5%. Then I saw it the final 5 seconds, oh how glorious it was to see and hear that wonderful countdown and then BONK collapsed on the bars breathing heavy, then I caught my breath and realised… damn cool down.

Was this a failure? only yes if I don’t reflect and change what was different. My dinner the night before was actually terrible consisted of a microwave dinner, watermelon and a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich, washed down with delicious Coke Cola. Sleep was good but on the bike I decided to try powdered Gatorade and that did not quench anything. Looking to the future it is clear that I have to focus on my dinner the night before and go back to water and see how the next session fairs.

… stupid Bashful session.

I think you’re being too harsh on yourself. Some days just don’t work out like planned.


Sooner or later a ride gets the better of all of us. The failure is when your body can do the ride and you have the time but you choose the couch. Driving yourself so hard that you find the edge of your ability (for that day) is something to be proud of because it takes a strong will to get that far. Definitely analyze the factors that might have hurt you but failure isn’t the word I would use to describe your session. Very educational. Very useful.


I love it when I can’t make it through, I look at it like my system is getting really challenged and it’s going to have to adapt.

This has happened a few times after a mid plan ramp test, ftp goes up (hopefully) so does the effort required in the next session. If/when I hit the wall and stop, I come back in a few days and often can completed on the 2nd or sometimes 3rd attempt and it feels good to crush it!


Don’t worry everyone started from the beginning. But keep in mind don’t give up always stand when you fall. It will give you inspiration and motivation.

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you already answered it…you failed in your nutrition and fueling, not the interval :wink:

it’s only failure if you can’t do it time and time again; BUT, this is just uncovering a weakness so that you can figure out ways to work on it.

Don’t worry about failing one workout; it happens to everyone that is actually trying to improve.

Keep going and have a great time doing it! Good luck!

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