Joe X’s Five Nines Workout Evaluator(TM)

Joe X’s Five Nines Workout Evaluator™

So you did a workout, but did you get all you could out of it? Was it 100% of the available benefit? Was it the right interval/zone/shape/colour/flavour of workout?

For the love of all things good - how can we know?

Fear not! With Joe X’s patented Five Nines Workout Evaluator™ and five simple questions you can Know Exactly how effective your workout was, and rest easy, or fret continuously, as applies.

There Is No 100% Effective. But there is 99.999%.

Ask yourself each question in turn. The first question gives you the first Nine, the second the second and so on. If you are answering Yes of course:

  1. Did you do a workout?
  2. Did you do this workout without effecting your next workout?
  3. Did you eat and drink properly?
  4. Did you sleep properly?
  5. Did you do the workout in-line with any current school of thought on training, without any breaks or interruptions?

So, if you did a workout that’s 90%, if you were fit and healthy for the next workout, that’s the second nine and 99%. You are eating well and sleeping well…that’s two more for Nines but you had to take a breather? That’s a zero. You scored 99.990% Better luck next time!


Is this the 99,999 zone model!?

Seriously though, very good.

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falling asleep during an outside workout is nearly a 100% guarantee that I’ll need to skip the next workout, or next several workouts… Perhaps it is different for inside workouts? :wink:


you can fall asleep indoors. Erg mode will make sure you keep pedaling.


Clearly I need to move my Kickr to the bedroom!

:rofl: Thanks for the levity break. There does seem to be a great deal of fretting over properly executing workouts on the forum lately. Somehow there is an impression out there that there is exactly one way to properly execute a workout and if you take more than a 4 minute break or if you accidently touch zone 4 more than 3 times that you could potentially ruin all your gains.

Just go look at the pro’s workouts. They ride outside (horror). Over hills where sometimes they have to go above zone 2 (just give up) and sometimes they stop for coffee breaks (I can’t believe they call them pros, don’t they know the gains they are foregoing?)


Let’s try to keep this near the top of the threads list so everyone has the chance to read it. Too good, @JoeX !!!

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I will generalize here…a lot on this forum, myself included, overthink our workouts and our cycling.

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I find this whole thread entirely too dismissive and comical for my current frame of mind. I’m having problems with threshold levels 5-6 and all of your lack of assumptions don’t jive with my presumption and perfectionism!

Thanks all!