First failed workout in awhile

So recently I added weight training to my HV base plan. I’ve been making solid gains but after a hard gym workout last night and a step up from 8.0 to 8.4 sweet spot (though I really should have been able to complete this workout) I had to quit. My heart rate was simply 15 bpm higher than it should have been. On top of 6 hours of sleep, and a higher rhr, I couldn’t complete it.

Here’s my calendar: Calendar - TrainerRoad

Monday’s workout:

And here is today:

I guess what I’m looking for is confirmation from the group that it’s more than likely training fatigue and I should take a step back. Thoughts?

6 hours of sleep caught my eye. These efforts are very demanding.

Did you feel confident going in? What about shopping down to a lesser workout? While mid workout did you consider turning the intensity down? (Edit: I see you did that, sorry, phone is hard to see and write everything)


Yes, it’s training fatigue. Be careful mixing HV with weight training, you’re running a razors edge. If you don’t get everything right you run the risk of falling off the rails. Answer the survey honestly (fatigue) and it should give you easier workouts to recover. It may be tough mentally for you to go back/stagnate a bit, but it will be better in the long run.


I knocked it down to some tempo, but I cut the entire workout short, figuring that if I am too fatigued to complete the workout as prescribed, doing tempo while I’m fatigued would do more negative that positive.


Thanks, yes I was able to absorb the extra volume but I think its catching up with me. I have added complete body workouts like ball slams and pullups to last night’s workout and my one dimensional cyclist body is reacting to it.

I’d also recommend doing strength training on the same day/evening of your hard interval workouts. You need recovery days. I’m on HV and I ride in the morning and lift in the evening.


there is a reason you’ll find a lot of coaches combining heavy resistance training with endurance riding…

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If you’re going to do heavy leg days in the gym then I would definitely recommend dropping the following workout to endurance or lower. Even though they are different types of activity, a heavy leg day can still deplete your muscle glycogen by as much as a hard/long ride. So it should be considered in your training plan and not just added on top.

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I made a change to my next week calendar.

Does two sweet spot in a row on monday and tuesday (after a full rest day sunday) sound like too much? Then gym tuesday evening and easy endurance ride wednesday.