Fatigued - What now

Hello all,

I have just failed a workout due to (I think) fatigue, and I am unsure how to continue in my plan.

I have just started a new base block, and figured Id give high volume a try. I have some extra time nowadays and figured I would use it. The first week went well. I felt super tired after my sunday workout, and took monday off (some light yoga). Today (Tuesday) comes around and I’m still feeling tired. I put the workout off as long as I can, but get on the bike nonetheless. Antelope +2 is on the menu. I get the first block done, but muscles just werent there today. Mid block 2, my brain convinces me I need to rest.

My question is, how should I continue?

My proposed solution is to cut out all of the extra mileage I did last week and try to do barebones high volume plan (I added just under 2 hrs of free riding to the first week because I was feeling really good after a couple of free weeks). Another solution, one that I would like to not resort to but I will if need be, is to do mid volume and add endurance as I feel that I can.

My background. 26yo, 5’11" (180cm), 155lbs (70kg), 229ftp. Started structure in Feb after not riding for a long time. Did SSBLV1/2, GBMV. Trying to do yoga/core 1x weekly, and do more running as I am terrible at it.

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If I might be so bold, looking at your calendar, I’d say that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Were you actively partaking in other sports before jumping back on the bike?

You’re back on the bike after a long period away and you’re relatively new to structured training. You’ve tried to progress from LV to HV plans in quite a short period of time. You are most likely bumping up against your bodies current ability to deal with fatigue.

In the first instance, I would try taking two days complete rest. Do nothing, except for maybe the yoga. Help clear the mind and the body.

If that doesn’t work, I would give serious consideration to dropping back to LV and adding additional work, as and when you feel able. Dropping down to MV might not enable the recovery your body needs.


If you are eager and have time, substitute SS -> longer Z2 (3h+) with comparable TSS. Easier to recover and more gentle. Check out weekly tips in calendar, it gives suggestions for Sunday substitution.

Finding substitution is easy: on workouts page select Endurance zone, sort workouts by TSS and then select one that has nearest TSS to officially prescribed workout for given day.

Used similar approach myself: kept Tue/Sat SS, all other days did Z2 instead. FTP increase was same as with original SS HV plan (5-6% per block).

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Don’t stick to HV for now, drop down to mid volume and work your way up.
It’s easier to add a workout or outdoor ride here or there then skipping stuff (at least for me).

You can get fast with less volume too :slight_smile: I’m on LV since january and hit 300 / 4w/kg yesterday.
So this was LV + some additional rides, indoor with bad weather, outdoor with good weather. Sometimes replaced a weekend workout with a longer outdoor ride.
Anyway an average of ~5.5 hours a week with 3.5 hours of structure is more then enough to bring the first big gains. With your age and current FTP, the limit on low volume is not close for you.

in short, HV is way to much, and you probably have more fun and more gains with less volume at this point in your progress

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You could keep the structure of HV and just cut a bit of volume. Maybe remove the Pettit on Friday and drop the 90min SS to 75min or one of the weekend 2hr rides to 90 mins. I did HV 2 years ago - it is tough but I got through and it works…SPB though killed me at HV so I dropped to MV. That said if you have to drop HVSSB1 below 8 hours or B2 below 10 hours a week then you are probably better off on MV as mentioned above as you would need extra intensity if you are riding less. You could also try the long zone 2 rides as well…that is what I did this summer in lockdown and it works provided you have 10+ hours a week to ride. Or knock 1-2% off the rides…if you are new to riding then all the above strategies will see gains - especially at 26 years old - I went from 236W to 300W on HV base, SPB MV in the last 2 years and I am nearly 52 so you can do it. One point - on HV base you will be pretty tired all the time but as the workouts are at SS you CAN get through - a lot is mental toughness on HV - good luck :+1:


I’m a strong believer that it’s better to go with the lower (in this case mid) volume plan and add rides than it is to go with the higher volume plan and fail or cut rides. Mentally, you feel like you’re on target or even kicking ass and adding volume; as opposed to constantly feeling like you’re a failure who can’t keep up. A high volume plan, plus running, plus strength, plus stretching is asking a lot of yourself. You’re young, so maybe your body can take it, but it’s something to consider.

Also, have you looked at your nutrition and sleep? I find that when I’m carbo loading I can handle a lot more than when I’m dieting or just eating and sleeping poorly in general.


I did MV General Build plans and Build for 7 months. Saw 70W improvement in FTP. I Switched to HV same plan, After 6 weeks i was knackered and started failing to finish some of the 2 hour rides and also no improvement in FTP.
Back on track now and doing MV and adding an odd outdoor ride, really enjoying the training sessions again.
I Would switch back to MV like others have said (5 training sessions a week) and add more sessions if your body feels up to it.

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wednesday workout: Monitor -1
thursday workout: Geiger -1

Those are two workouts you should be able to do. Set yourself up for success. Re-group…make a friday afternoon decision about Saturday’s workout.

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the week of June 16 seems a bit stout; a little more intensity than you probably need, or can absorb right now, per someone else’s comments below of biting off just a bit too much.

Since you also are riding outdoors, would it work with you life schedule to keep 2 indoor sessions during the week high intensity on TR, and then go work on your overall aerobic fitness by riding endurance (60-70% FTP) on the weekends? Every other weekend you could add a group ride or higher intensity trainer session, but since you have the time to ride, you could, but just dial things back a bit.

The hours don’t look crazy high, you’re not doing like 12-14-16 and then resting, all seems in the 10h ballpark with 500-600 tss if I digested it all properly.

And don’t worry, it’s okay to be wiped on Monday. Just gotta REALLY rest hard, EAT right, and get lots of sleep. You’re an athlete, and while also working, gotta treat yourself like one.

Good luck and let us know how this turns out!!




Completed the rest of week 2 and week 3 with 100% compliance, cutting off any extra riding that I was adding. Still feeling fatigued, but it feels like the right amount of fatigue.

Looking forward to the rest week though… Ive really been hugging that -30 form line (according to intervals.icu)


wow. -30. Even when I was in the green on the optimal training graph, I was only ever -23 for a single day. I hover around 0 with 550+ load weekly.

I think the numbers are very personal, and change as your training age increases, so comparison may not be the best.

Rest - Repeat