Couldn’t even start workout!

I know there’s been a lot of “fail” threads, but usually dealing more with not finishing a workout. This morning I could barely finish the warmup though! I’m in my last week of SSB II mid, and I’ve NEVER failed a workout or finished below 5% off. That’s what freaks me out. The workout was Lamarck, and I completed the Tuesday VO2 workout fine. I felt great this morning, jumped on the trainer, calibrated, and proceeded to wipe myself out during the short warmup. I could barely hold 100 watts afterward. Is this just built up fatigue from being in the last week?!

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Could be a whole host of reasons. After hard workouts I normally need a 10 min warmup at 40% just to spin out the legs. Then I need to get past the warmup which usually feels horrible. I decide once I’m into the meat of the workout if it makes sense to continue.

Listen to your body, if you don’t have it and Z1 is difficult you’re better off taking a rest day. No need to dig yourself a deeper hole.


Its odd that you felt ok before jumping on the bike (really?). If you are in your last week of the phase you may want to just copy a easy week and rock that before starting specalization up…or just take a few days off this weekend and continue.

Another thought is not overall fatigue/danger/code red but just VO2 being taxed…had you done a thresh or SS workout you may have not failed and felt this way. When you do go back, don’t make Vo2 the first hard workout you try…

Yeah I feel good and not really tired or sick, which is what freaks me out. I may add another easy week like you mentioned though.

How was your fuelling? Could lack of energy stores be the issue?

Nah, I usually don’t eat before weekday workouts, but actually did eat and caffeinate today.