Filippo Ganna - Hour Record Attempt


It’s going to be interesting to see how Ganna goes this weekend. He didn’t show amazing form in Wollongong, but he’s got a lot of information and support behind his attempt.


And a fancy bike! (Use reader view)

Good to see that he didn’t cave and reschedule after the Il Lombardia organizers whined about his attempt conflicting with their race.


Same bike as Dan Bigham used so should be fast. Narrow axles and wheels, clincher, (not tubs) Oversized bearings. He talks a bit about it in the Bobby & Jens podcast post his hour record ‎Bobby and Jens: Dan Bigham on Apple Podcasts

Would it be possible to see the attempt live at the velodrome? I am in Italy right now and would like to witness a historical moment like this.

Given that Dan Bigham is now employed by Ineos as an aero consultant I assume he was heavily involved in this attempt. Wonder whether there was an agreement to let Bigham have a shot at the record before Ganna knowing that is Ganna does what we think he’s capable of he might put it well out of reach.

Re his form at the Worlds if he’s made this his priority then he would have been 3 weeks out and likely towards the end of a big training block and carrying a lot of fatigue before tapering. So maybe not surprising he didn’t do well.


Bigham said somewhere he was just testing equipment for Ganna


This was my thought too. Form is so critical for these guys. Wollongong could have very well been just a tough workout for him.

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Jeezus…I have a fully packed viewing schedule for tomorrow.

We have:

  • Ganna’s Hour attempt
  • Gravel WC
  • il Lombardia
  • F1 Qualies

Not certain when I’ll get my ride / chores in! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Bigham was on the cycling tips nerd alert podcast a month ago and it was really good. He is a proper nerd’s nerd but he also does hour attempts for fun. They talk a bunch about his CDA, which seems physically impossible (.15) and all the little games he played to make this possible.

The crazy part of all of it is Ganna has less of a margin for victory than you would think. He physically cant get as small as bingham and cant spend every moment working on position with that whole world tour day job thing getting in the way. At these levels cda has a bigger part to play in the math than watts. For such a boring thing to watch, the nerd side of this stuff is so cool.


Haven’t listened to it yet, but there’s a new nerd alert podcast with the company that printed the bike. Ronan hinted that it was a very interesting interview.

Tried listening to that pod this am. Hate to sound stuck up but these AirPods audio quality interviews are completely unlistenable to me! Yes, I realize he’s halfway around the world and it’s the best you can do on a whim….

On the cyclingtips podcast Bigham said that originally he was going for the hour record, then Ganna was going to do it approximately 3 days later.

Who’s tuning in Live?

I’m taking a break from trying to catch up on the Gravel World’s since this is an ideal time difference for me.

Looking good very early.

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Starting to really get going after a very conservative start. Only 20min in, it’s going to be interesting to see how he can/does ramp it up in the back end of the hour.

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Also watching, impressive so far but hope they nail the pacing. He went too hard in the first half of the worlds ITT. I suppose it’s less of a risk here as it must be exceptionally well rehearsed.

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He must be lapping about 57km/h the last 10min. He did the first 10min at what looked like a dawdle (for him).

As you say, if he’s paced poorly he’s about to have a very uncomfortable time. If he hasn’t, we’re going to see something amazing.

He’s honking!

Insane performance… I wonder if he is just bored out of his mind right now.

I imagine he’s in too much pain to feel bored :rofl:

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