Ollie's Hour (or, Yet Another GCN Video)

Shoulda used TrainerRoad I guess :laughing:

But seriously, if you weren’t following this series over the past couple months, it’s basically a long love letter to (a company that provides a platform for) indoor training, (other companies that provide) aero tech, Eddie Merckx, and the human capacity for growth. Stellar content, sponsors notwithstanding.

[e] The ride on Strava, courtesy of @Dave and @jgthomas59:


I used to watch them religiously but they’re so heavily reliant on advertising revenue that it’s getting difficult to watch. But hey, that’s the model which allows them to be a thing.

GMBN’s content is a lot more engaging and less ad focused imho.


They also have Marty. :metal:


He would have done it with TR lol

I can sort of accept gcn and their way of advertising, they manage to highlight products without appearing to endorse stuff. Oddly enough it’s the software stuff where they get a little heavy handed, both with zwift originally and now sufferfest


Dude, spoilers?! :laughing:

He…makes it…? :man_shrugging:

Watch last week’s GCN Show, it’s filled with spoilers. One thing is for certain, he definitely felt the pain of The Hour just like all the other previous record holders. He might not be 55km/hr fast but he suffered just as much. :+1:


I followed the entire Ollies Hour of Power series; not for the technology aspect of it but for the human effort he put in to it. He is certainly not afraid to push himself to his limits.
I’m not interested in all of the technology stuff because I couldn’t justify the price tag for myself. I can however strive to push towards my limits regarding the riding I do.


I agree with all the comments on the far to obvious advertising, but just try watch the triathlon equivalent (GTN). It’s far far worse quality. I haven’t been able to watch one of those for months.


“0 beers drunk” oh boy


Good effort!

Annoyed that they didn’t show stats at the end, but maybe they will later.

I was hoping that we’d be able to compare the modeled numbers they were claiming would get him to go x far with the actual power and the actual distance to see how close they were.


was chatting with a friend about that today, haven’t seen the numbers anywhere which is too bad, it’d be interesting to look at them!

As for the advertising, I’m glad that companies are out there willing to sponsor cool stuff like this.


Yeah I have to agree, the balance really has shifted. Older videos like the Taiwan KOM Challenge, which was sponsored by factor bikes. They weaved in the sponsorship, without being so annoying about it.
It used to be cycling content sponsored by something.
Now it’s advertisement mixed with a bit of cycling.


I agree I’d like to see both sets of Stats only because I like numbers. What % of his FTP was a 18sec lap? Did they only have certain number of people present to raise/lower the 02? Maybe we will get another video in a week.

A remarkable effort what goes into the human body to be able to complete an hour of power.
The mental fatigue and fortitude it must take to complete 60mins.

It doesn’t interest me at all to use Suff. The tech side of things for sure.


Yeah, the episode about getting fitted for a skinsuit was a bit blatant, but I did learn a few things with the episode about basic track skills.

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Honestly, I’ll take the blatant advertising if the money goes to support GCN Racing. They’ve been clutch this year with cyclocross and hopefully they’ll get some more road stuff.

Marty Saved Cross!!


It’s nowhere near that bad.

Besides, the sponsors bring the content, e.g. the the skinsuit episode. GCN could care less about getting a free skinsuit.


re: stats – using his 300w FTP should be able to extrapolate a decent snapshot of the effort.

I was surprised he couldn’t increase his FTP more but maybe he was near his peak anyway.

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+7% over 12 weeks…with a virus and new position thrown in…seems like a reasonable increase.


The ride is on his Strava. Feb 17 Morning Ride. Ave 288 w.