Feature Request: Workout Window UI Device Setting Presets - One Click Buttons

As recommended - sometimes its simpler to do higher power intervals in resistance mode rather than leave it in erg mode, where you can overshoot, then forced to drop power - undershoot, wait for the trainer to catch up etc etc.

But, even if you set it to one level to start with, it’s never the correct resistance for the whole workout and hitting the erg/resistance button and dragging the slider with any accuracy while working out is virtually impossible.

So, what about some preset buttons in the UI (long strip along bottom of screen like the WIDOW:MINIMAL buttons). You set up the configuration you want ie. 1=Erg Mode, 2=resistance 10%, 3=resistance 20% 4=,5=… etc. Easy to click with a mouse, no more struggling with tweaking settings or being diverted from the very reason for being there in the first place - ie. the workout.

You set up the device/workout window - save its settings to a button…done!. 5 options for different settings at a click.


I’ve now tried switching from ERG to Resistance and back a few times on the iPhone to see if I could get better/faster at navigating the screen taps required to make the changes.


Its doable but timing it right and getting the resistance setting right for the up and coming interval is more luck that judgement - plus it really takes you away from the discipline and focus on the workout.

A method to switch easily to multiple resistance settings rapidly (and back to ERG) is really needed in this app.

One more page (in that central scroller graph/results area on the phone) with some preset buttons to program for different functions would make the whole process so simple.

I’ve run into a similar workflow as mentioned. Some of the things I’ve done…

  • Control resistance with the Wahoo Elemnt (to Kickr) instead of TR (similar to the original poster above mentioned in that the Kickr does offer a mode where you get 10 levels of resistance granularity). Definitely my preferred method given my options, though if I had the opportunity to have similar control in TR, I’d likely opt for that instead
  • On Desktop, have the resistance selector open for the workout and do fine-tune control with the mousewheel (much better than trying to do it with click and drag)

Basically, for short interval workouts, I’ve been looking more towards using resistance mode. Sometimes I’ll mix it up where I’ll ERG certain parts but then pull into resistance mode for the set.

There are ways around it - but everyone is going to have a different system and it needs to be from the app. i.e. I only use an iPhone for TR - so it’s got to be simple, quick and not cause me to have an accident on the trainer while trying to change screens and values and sprint.

The resistance is already a value in the system - you would have thought and adding another scroll screen and attaching a couple of user values to a couple of buttons would not be too difficult to implement.

M swaps between erg and resistance mode.

Up/Down arrows change %. I can’t remember if number keys jump to a certain percentage or not.

On a phone?

No. But you mentioned a mouse so I figured you meant desktop.

:wink: - yes - but only to underline the need on the phone

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Wanted to let you know that this feature request is firmly on our radar. We’re working on some pretty big (and awesome) projects right now, but we hope to revisit this for users on mobile devices. I can’t give any kind of time table, but hang in there, we want it to!