Feature: Be able to see and to change resistance level while ERG mode is active

I’d like to be able to see and change the actual resistance level while ERG mode is active. So that for example in the desktop app the left and right keys can still be used to adjust the resistance level even while being in ERG mode. This would be handy for example to set up the resistance for an interval while in ERG - and then when switching to resistance mode (M key on desktop app) the appropriate resistance level is already set.

I use one gear with straight chain line mostly in ERG but sometimes switch into resistance mode for different intervals and instead of shifting I adjust the resistance level until the appropriate wattage range is reached.

Maybe you could show resistance and ERG fields at the same time with green border for the activated mode.

Extra bonus would be to have x different resistance level slots with own shortkeys.

Can you not already do that? Just change the intensity.

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The resistance level (slope) is a different thing than changing the target wattage of the interval. Ie, the trainer adjusts the slope setting internally in erg mode to yield the called power.

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Yes. But isn’t the outcome the same, considering you are in erg mode?

Erg mode changes the resistance according to the demand - changing the intensity changes the demand. The step sizes aren’t the same, as one is a % of you ftp, and the other related to the trainer’s max power (not sure if linearly).

There might be an additional difference regarding to gear choice and flywheel speed, but if that is the aim, why not just change gear?

When you switch TR into resistance (slope) mode, no. ERG tweaks the slope quietly in the background. When you switch to resistance modem, the slope is locked in – basically a dumb trainer with more manual levels. You could shift gears, but OP has no gears (or doesn’t want to shift). But even this is fiddly – lots of ramp test threads where riders started out in too easy of a slope, or too hard of a gear to start and couldn’t complete it properly because they ran out of gears and were spun out. A similar example, when I do baxter, I kinda like slope mode, but it took some trial and error to find a slope/gear setting that made it fun to ride with big, but manageable cadence changes only.


Ah, so the TR resistance mode is also an erg mode? I’m not sure the OP meant that though? Tbh I’ve never used it, when I want resistance mode, I just switch mine off, which turns it into a dumb trainer.

This sounds like a great idea, there are some interval types just not achievable in erg and I’ve found that switching to resistance almost always means I have to alter the resistance percentage in order to successfully achieve target power. Not ideal when you don’t have much time to get this done before the interval starts.

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Would love to see a feature like this!

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I like some of this idea. But for now, here is my workaround.

On PC and Mac, the ‘M’ key toggles the trainer modes. When I know I will be using a mix of ERG and Resistance in a workout (for short and sharp sprints), I complete the warm up in ERG mode.

During the break before the 1st interval, I toggle to Resistance and adjust the setting to what I want (the Left and Right arrow keys are shortcuts for this adjustment). Then I return to ERG mode.

I toggle to Resistance mode when needed and TR uses the setting I made in the break. This works well as long as you use the same or close value (again, arrows for small tweaks).


Exactly. But I want to avoid that (somewhat ugly) workaround (and resistance kicking in or needing to backpedal). Hence the feature request.

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And hence the reason I essentially agreed in the first line of my reply.

I shared my info for anyone who may not already be aware of the shortcuts and want something to apply in the time before any “fix” is implemented (if they ever do).


I think this could be a really useful idea, thanks for sharing your idea with us! While I think it could be difficult to pull off on the mobile app due to the lack of screen real-estate, it could be possible to integrate into the desktop apps.

While I have no guarantees that this is something we will add in the future, I have shared this idea with the team for consideration :+1:.


That’d be me then, didn’t know about the quick keys. Thanks.

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